– TheMiracleTech Beauties, Animals, Kisses, and Cuties: Photos from Today

There are many interesting updates from the film world each day. Today is no exception and here is an entertaining compilation of pictures from our beauties, animals and cuties. Let us walk through all the picture stories from today.

After debuting with sultry beauty Malaika Arora, she took to the stage herself and performed as usual at the grand finale of Inda’s Best Dancer. Needless to say, more about her beauty and hotness, as the picture speaks for itself, much more than a thousand words.

Nam Back is Beautiful ‘says Namrata Mahesh, caption of Mahesh Babu’s picture from the back seat. Mahesh Babu and his family recently had a wonderful holiday in Dubai. Now star actor Sarkaru is back for shooting Varu Pata, a Muhurta ceremony was held today. When Namrata says that it is beautiful, does it mean that it is beautiful to fall regularly or to enjoy the view of Mahesh from the back seat? Looks like a sentence!

Rakul Preet is seen spending the best time on Maldives holiday. She is having her fun and giving us what we want. Rakul Preet intrigued and thrilled us with her stunning beach scene pictures and videos, also with her super sultan bikini clicks. Rakul started holiday portraits with a green bikini breathing in the sea air and the latest one with his own orange two-piece kissed in the sun. Well, we want many more colors, eh?

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