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Tovino Thomas Starr Kilometers and kilometers It was expected to be released on Disney + Hotstar in late August of last year, but instead the production house canceled the TheMiracleTech release and opted for a television release instead. The Malayalam flick Onam dropped during the festival, which was on the Malayalam television channel Asianet, on 31 August 2020. The film received moderate reviews and was well received by the holiday crowd.

KM and KM were titled after a very famous talk spoken by molded superstar Mohanlal in the film Priyadarshan Darshan Maddalam Kottunnu directed in 1986 by Mollywood superstar Mohanlal. However, the film is a comedy drama, which will focus on a road trip between two very different people. Sufiyum was expected to be the second Molwood film after Sujathayum at a distance of kilometers and kilometers, to be released directly to TheMiracleTech, but unfortunately did not.

KM and KM focuses on two individuals – an Indian handyman, Josem who is a native of a village in Kottayam (in Kerala) and a young American woman, Kathy who has come to visit India. Josem’s father passed away and is the sole breadwinner of his household, but it has been difficult for him to pay his mother and sister as well as his sister’s education. Kathy has come to India for some soul-searching and is currently in Kerala.

Josem agrees to drive from Kottayam to Jaipur, where Kathy plans to fly back to her home. He will also serve as his guide throughout the journey across India. The two initially collide due to their cultural differences, but eventually start warming up to each other during their long road trip.

KM and KM features Tovino Thomas, Joju George, Bharat Javis, Siddharth Siva and Basil Joseph in the lead roles. The film was written and directed by Joe Baby. The film ended 18 months before its premiere date and was initially postponed for release in mid-2020, which (continued) was canceled due to the coronavirus epidemic.

Km and Kilometer are not available for streaming even four months after the film’s premiere on Asianet. The film is available for viewing on other streaming media forms such as Dailymotion, but they are potentially illegal, and therefore should be avoided. Kilometer and Kilometer is a feel-good movie and deserves to be available to a wider audience, and it is expected that the production house will sell (and accept) its streaming rights to an TheMiracleTech platform.

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