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Korean filmmakers have given a new spin to the zombie film genre, the incredibly impressive Train to Busan. Korean filmmakers are also very good at exploring human emotions while making films on zombies. The highly successful Train to Busan was followed by Lee
Min-Jae’s Strange Family: Zombie on Cell which depicts a zombie epidemic in an entirely new light.

Korean cinema’s latest zombie flick is #Alive which brings us back to terrible memories of life in lockdown. Can coronovirus kill you instantly if you step outside your door? Scary, isn’t it? #Alive A Teenage Gaming Addict turns into a zombie with everyone in the closed house in his apartment and everywhere. The teenager should avoid having little food and water inside his apartment.

We had the freedom to go to the supermarket, browse the internet and take a walk in our apartment complex during lockdown. Thankfully, coronoviruses can be kept at bay with social distancing and wearing a face mask. But going out in the Alive is extremely dangerous and sometimes the corpse can go into homes that are not only locked but also barricaded using heavy articles. It is terrible to imagine ourselves in such a scenario and we can be grateful to the coronovirus for not being so dangerous.

Like in Train to Busan, the zombies in this film are very agile and can climb many floors using ropes and do many things that usually zombies cannot. There is a good argument associated with this zombie behavior, which viewers will surely like. When things get monotonous due to the single character in her house, another charming female character is introduced in the story, and the film comes to a sudden halt.

The close friendship between them and the way they try to communicate with each other is what makes them crave to see, despite the danger looming around them. We can guess that they are finding a way to get out of this, but it will end, but the director baffles and makes it exciting all the way. We will be trying to get out of trouble without cutting for the main characters and the director will play around that aspect efficiently. He places those characters in extremely dangerous places with suspense of nail biting that will make us stand on the edge of our seats.

Alive is a decent film to stream during the weekend with a reliable setting (lockdown time) and effective thrills. Despite being shot mostly in one place and with minimal star cast, there is no dearth due to better cinematography and excellent direction. Alive will thrill you even if you are not a fan of the zombie film genre. The film is a good example of how directors can create an effective thriller by combining zombie invasion and home-alone sub-genres.

Bottom Line: #thrilling!

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