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3.5/ 5

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cast – Skylar Gisondo, Cara Hayward, Sophia Hammons and others

Director – Jeff orlowski

the creator – Larissa Rhodes

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The Social Dalma is a documentary, which raises an alarm about the spread of data mining and manipulative technology in the era of social media. The facts and dark secrets behind social media platforms will leave you shocked and horrified at how we all have become lab rats in the world of the Internet.

Expert documentary filmmaker Jeff Orlovsky explains the complexities of the subject in such a way that even the common man can understand the dangers of social media. He used words like magic and manipulation to explain the complex matters involved in the subject being discussed. The way this documentary tells us that what is left behind in creating a social media platform to make the ‘user’ stay on the website longer, is masterful.

The directors give us details not just with interviews with former Tech Masters, but tell us the impact of social media through the fictional story of a middle class family. A teenage girl posts a picture on her Instagram page that hardly anyone likes. Disappointed, she removes the photo and adds the same filter to her next photo, which gets an immediate response from her followers. One of the comments says something about her ears and she is sad about how her ears look. Social media is not only about connecting with people, but it will also cause depression as people start comparing themselves to others in terms of their looks or their status.

Another biggest problem is affecting user minds through clickbait videos and stuff as ‘recommended videos’. The director takes cinematic liberty to show how artificial intelligence aims to entice someone to watch the video and keep browsing the site for hours together. Such things cannot be explained through the documentary genre, which is why directors use a different track to show how teens and their families are affected by this ‘target marketing’ and we have to be online all the time Drug measures to keep.

All these facts have been revealed by former tech masterminds who have invented things like ‘Like Button’ on Facebook. Some of them have revealed how they themselves had fallen into their trap and had become accustomed to various aspects on the Internet. They also admitted that they could not spend time with children because of it. He realized the impact of social media on life and resigned from his job due to Vivek.

The best part of this documentary is that it does not do evil to social media. It also talks about its positive aspects. However, it urges users to cut social media usage and shut down information and not let it control us. It tells us to stay away from clicking recommended videos and reduce internet usage. Most interviewees reported that they would not let their children get used to it. This documentary is a wake up call for everyone who does not see the big picture and does more damage to that technology.

I wish someone would make a fictional film by covering these facts as it would make more impact and create awareness among the public. For all those who have access to Netflix, they should watch this documentary with teenage children, to help at least some people get out of this trap. The documentary is streaming on Netflix, which recommended some other videos soon after this video ended. Do you see the irony in it?

Bottom line: a must see!

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