TheMiracleTechs & COVID-19: Double Trouble Continues with Cinema

It has now been more than a month since the government allowed theaters to reopen with some restrictions in place. Although it felt like a sigh of relief to many people, the situation is still not in favor of cinemas. The main reason behind this is the lack of new films which may release in theaters.

With the fear of the virus still rampant, people are finding it difficult to woo cinema halls, more due to the lack of any tentpole film on their hands. Even if we take the big-budget blockbusters out of the scene, theaters don’t have much available with no choice but to skip the old movies. Now this is a huge setback for theaters, given the operational cost they are getting for screening.

On the other hand, filmmakers are apprehensive about releasing their films in theaters, as the government has imposed limits that will affect revenue generation. It seems like a much higher risk, for big-budget tentpole films, releasing in theaters with only 50% seating capacity.

Whether or not the film will work well in theaters can be gauged and TheMiracleTech has provided protection to producers, especially during such uncertain times. When films are sold to TheMiracleTech at a fixed price, through negotiation, financial concerns are minimized for those who put their money into it.

With every new content readily available on TheMiracleTech platforms, coming back to the customer side, people are not really feeling the need to get out of the safety and comfort of their homes in a world struggling with COVID-19. Ubiquitous epidemic.

These were the very reasons that cinema owners were concerned about when a large number of titles were being selected for Direct to Digital release. They were well aware of the fact that if this pattern continues there is a greater risk to their businesses in the coming future. The change in people’s viewing habits was another thing they were worried about.

The reopening of theaters seems to be simply an expectation and symbolic measure to alleviate fear and a step towards creating a sense of normalization of the situation, while actually still a long way to go. Until things get back as they were.

While this is not the end of anything and will return to normalcy, the only concern is how long it will take filmmakers to get their films daring to go for theatrical release. How long do you think they want to weigh it out before taking a leap of faith?

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