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“TrailerRun plat run”Is out and is releasing on Netflix on December 4. Starring Swara Bhaskar in Beni’s lead and title character, this is a journey of a woman who is in a relationship but not ready to marry so early, which makes a lot of sense. The trailer shows how she runs away from the ceremony held for herself, as she was not ready for marriage and did not want all that to happen at the time.

She runs away to fulfill her dreams. She tries to be a stand up comedian and Yatra feels very beautiful about how she will fight and go against everyone’s will to make a mark as a stand-up comedian. If you have seen the “wonderful Mrs. Maisel”, you may find a lot of similarity there. But here’s one thing, why is “The Stand-Up” sector being so exploited? In recent times, we have seen a lot of series and films that suggest that if you have nothing to do, hop on a one-time platform and begin your journey as a stand-up comedian. What exactly is required to become a stand-up comedian? I do not think so.

There are some great stand-up comedians in India at the moment and they are doing really well at their places, as their fans, we have seen them through their YouTube channel, social networking profiles, interviews here and there and It is known and understood about hard work that one needs to be committed to this kind of job, it is also known and yet is the person who does not hate, because in a country like India, we have a lot of It is very easy to get angry soon.

A very famous stand-up comedian, Abish Mathew has featured a show on his YouTube channel, titled “Journey of a Joke”, featuring various comedians and some of his jokes that hit a lot of ideas in YouTube. They sit and find out how things are done and if you look, the person can understand what stand-up is. In addition, Amazon Prime Video has a show called “One Mike Stand”, where great celebrities are mentored by some stand-up comedians, so that they can have a show. There again, a process, difficulty and technically everything will be understood and you will certainly appreciate the fact that the “stand-up” area is not for the faint hearted.

If one does such series and films, one has to understand and know things, it may not suddenly be an “IT” thing. Stand-up is most definitely not a child’s play here and everyone present there must accept this fact.

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