These were the 5 main reasons for BJP’s defeat in Bengal, BJP could not win


Mamta Banerjee’s government is being formed in Bengal for the third time. As predicted by election strategist Prashant Kishore, the BJP was reduced to double digits. In such a situation, where the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who claimed to have won more than 200 seats, missed the BJP, despite heavyweight election campaigning of Union Ministers and a massive breach in the ruling party, which kept him away from power Has gone.

This time polarization is being seen as a big issue in the Bengal assembly elections. Even before the electoral atmosphere was created, BJP continued to accuse Mamata Banerjee and Trinamool of appeasement.

The BJP continued to present the issue of Jai Shri Ram’s slogan in every rally and every meeting. Then Trinamool was also not untouched by this. Mamta Banerjee first read Chandi on the public stage, then also told her gotra and gave the slogan of Hare Krishna Hare Hare.

It was believed that to woo the Hindu voters of Bengal, this BJP’s bet could go in their favor, but the assessment proved to be the opposite.

It is true that the BJP faced the Trinamool Congress very strongly in this election, but the absence of a leader or Chief Minister’s face equal to Mamata became her biggest weakness.

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