“They are positive in Maranello” – Antonio Giovinazzi confirmed the progress of the Ferrari power unit in 2021 Game


“At Maranello, they are positive” – ​​Antonio Giovinazzi confirmed that Ferrari had made progress in the development of the power unit in 2021.

2020 was a tough performance year for Ferrari, as they finished P6 on the table, but this year, Italian organizations are leaping over P3 and in contention for the title in 2022.

One of Ferrari’s biggest failures in 2020 was its massive power unit, and is supported by Alfa Romeo race driver and Ferrari Academy’s product Antonio Giovinazzi, as this year’s Italian engine confirms that it has been improved. .

“In Maranello, they are positive. We do not know how much profit we will receive, especially because we do not know how much others have improved. The good thing is that there is a positive atmosphere in Ferrari, especially for the power unit, ”Giovinazzi told RTL.

Giovinazzi is going to race for Alfa Romeo this year, and he released his 2021 car on Monday. Ferrari’s sister team has vowed to remain with the Maranello-based team for the coming year.

Alfa Romeo convinced about power unit

It is not only Giovinazzi who has been positive about Ferrari’s power unit, but also the sister team, Alfa Romeo, as team owner Frederick Wasseypur has improved the power unit.

Apart from this, they are also positive about making personal improvements in 2021. Last year, Alfa Romeo eliminated the P8, and this year will aim to shut down against the Alfa Tories.

Kimi Raikkonen will partner with Giovinazzi for the third consecutive year, though the latter is a move for Ferrari in the coming years.

Others hope to improve

It is not only Ferrari’s camp that is predicting a comeback for Ferrari this year, but also other teams that have already acknowledged that Ferrari’s drastic improvement will come as no surprise.

However, the Maranello-based organization is confident of a hasty baby step and aspiration in 2021. They still don’t find the title controversy realistic for this year, at least.

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