“They detest the process”: Sixers star Joel Mbid took a dig at the NBA to cancel the night vs. the heat. sport

Sixers big man Joel Embiid is mad at the fact that the Celtic-Heat game was postponed due to a lack of available players.

The Philadelphia 76ers are facing an unusual situation. The NBA has not had to cancel / postpone any games, except for the Rockets-Thunder game to start the season. All of this was until last night when they decided to postpone the Celtics-Heat game. Even though the postponement of the game is for a valid reason, it did not fit well with Joel Embiid.

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This tweet was sent by 3x NBA All-Star. The apparent postponement of the Heat-Celtics game was a clear reaction as they failed to suit 8 players. However, when the Sixers could not find more than 7 available players, the league did not postpone the game against the Nuggets.

Joel Embiid is not satisfied the way NBA rules were not for the Sixers

The Philadelphia 76ers got into trouble when their Seth Curry gave a positive Corona test result. He was in the arena for the Nets game and left as soon as he heard his report. After contact tracing, about half of the Sixers squad is forbidden to stay out for the next week or so due to the league’s health and safety protocol.

This resulted in the Sixers playing the Nuggets with only 7 players, as the NBA did not consider their request to postpone the game. They suffered a 115–103 loss, which was 20 points less than a margin of one.

After his first tweet, Joel Embiid followed it up with another angry tweet.

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By not having Sixers players to return to action on a fixed timeline, the league could force them to play with a limited number of players, and this would affect the Sixers flying to start the season.

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