‘They made me their menu’: A Fight of His Fight Island Hotel Room by Dana White | sport

Dana White shows up inside her Fight Island hotel room. Watch the video below

With just a few days left for the International Fight Week to begin, the dazzle is widespread in the desert. Leading fighters have started arriving on Fight Island, and in view of that, the head of promotion Dana White has also landed on Battle Island and is ready to reposition.

Fight Island is an establishment inside Yes Island, Abu Dhabi, which has hosted some of the biggest pay-per-view shows of 2020. At a time when travel restrictions prevailed, the site proved to be a provision, witnessing the most anticipated fights. Now, to kick-off 2021, the feature will be on the first three events of the year, including the marquee show UFC 257.

Therefore, more than 24 × 7 can be taken with exciting action en route to Fight Island. However, it should be noted that the place has all world-class facilities, in addition to damaging the octagon. Whose IoT can be seen through UFC President Dana White’s hotel room.

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Dana White gives a tour of his hotel room

Arriving inside the assigned hotel room, Dana White decides to let her Instagram followers go inside the biodata for a quick peek of her room.

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In a 2-minute brief clip, White talks about the hotel’s hospitality, in which he will stay for the next 2 weeks and then showcase his special suite, which is full of fancy items and delectables.

Watch the video below

So, while there is a grand atmosphere inside Fight Island, UFC enthusiasts who are spread all over the world would like to get some satisfaction, but, instead of the flamboyant comfort, they use the in-ring-ring spectacle May be eager to experience.

UFC will start Fight Island 7 fight process

The UFC will launch Fight Island 7 triple headers, and the event’s fight card is official and ready to create a ruckus.

Main card

  • Featherweight Fight (Main Event): Max Holloway vs Calvin Katar
  • Welterweight Fight (Co-Main): Carlos Condit Vs. Matt brown
  • Welterweight Fight: Santiago Ponzinbio vs Li Jinglian
  • Middleweight Fight: Joaquin Buckley vs Alessio Di Chirico
  • Middleweight bout: Favorite Soriano Vs. Dusso Todorovic

Opening card

  • Heavyweight Fight: Carlos Felipe vs Justin Tafa
  • Featherweight Fight: Jacob Kilburn vs Austin Lingo
  • Welterweight Fight: David Zavada vs Ramadan Amew
  • Middleweight Fight: Omari Akhmedov vs Tom Bresse
  • Women’s Bantamweight Fight: Yanan Wu Vs. Joseline Edwards
  • Women’s Bantamweight Fight: Sarah Mores Vs. Vanessa melo
  • Middleweight Fight: Phil Haves vs Nassauradine Imavov
  • Featherweight Fight: Nick Lentz vs Mike Grundy

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