“They’ll fix a big part of the issue” – Romeo Romeo optimistic of Ferrari’s recovery of power unit | sport

“They’ll fix a big part of the issue” – positive about the Alfa Romeo Ferrari is the massive progress in the recovery of the power unit.

Alfa Romeo released its 2021 car on Monday, a different nose than the previous years indicated it had more tension Potential fall between Ferrari and Swiss team.

However, Alfa Romeo chief Fred Wasseypur has now dismissed the claims and left optimistic statements about the progress made in the relationship between the two organizations.

He said, “The collaboration with Ferrari, I think, is going very well.” Motorsport. “We had a strong meeting, a long winter meeting to cover the points of last year when perhaps we did not do the right thing.

“We are on a good path. I think on their behalf, they will recover a large part of the issue that we had last year, and the cooperation is getting better and better.

“We won’t take some of their cars, maybe one or two elements, but not many. But I think this is not the main point of cooperation.

“The main point of cooperation is to be confident that we can learn from each other. Within the scope of the rules, we have to play with it, and we have to do the best we can. “

Aims for better completion in 2021

Last year, Alfa Romeo finished the P8 in the constructor’s race, only to have Alfa Tauri distinguish it from his larger ally, Ferrari, which was on the P6. The 2021 Aspire talking Vasur is expected to end better, while they continue with the Sam Driver duo.

“I think the philosophy the team is based on remains the same – we have to do better tomorrow than yesterday. We finished last season in P8, so we have to aim for better results in 2021. To do this, we have to keep improving every department, trackside and back at headquarters. “

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