Thirumathi Hitler 4th May 2021 Written Update: AJ learns a Harsh truth

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The episode starts with Hasini is sitting in her room and lost in her thoughts. Maya and Chithra comes there and notices Hasini reaction. They teases her for sitting silent thinking about the office incident. Maya teases her for getting scold from AJ and now worried for it. Hasini questions them why should she worry for him? She is sitting silent that’s doesn’t mean she is sad! Chithra says to her don’t lie she was sad because he scold him. Hasini questions her back Is her AJ president to be sad when he scolds her. Maya says to her don’t pretend like cool. They know well she was sad because he scold her in morning in Pori urundai matter. She wishes to get good name from him that’s why she went to office to give the file to him. Hasini deny it and says to them that she will never get sad if someone scold her for eating street foods. She loves to eat food and she will continue it too. More then that he didn’t heed of him. Maya says that she knew well she is trying to get good name in front of him. Hasini questions them why should she get good name in front of him. What will she get from this? She already has good name that’s enough to her.

Chithra complaints that she is pretending to be not effected. They knew well she tried to get good name that’s why she rushed to give the file to him. Hasini says to them she done that for Jaya. Maya deny it and says that she is lying. Hasini takes iron box in her hand and threatens them to leave. They gets scare to see her. Hasini informs to them she didn’t even turns on the switch. Chithra and Maya again stands in their point. She informs to her that she is trying to patch up with him for morning incident that’s why she wishes to give the file to him. So they replaced the file. Hasini didn’t give any expression to them. They questions her why is she not reacting to it? Hasini says to her that she already know that they done it. Only they can able to do such cheap things. They glares her. They mentioned her as cheater for marrying AJ. She mentions then as thieves for stealing the file. She sends them out.

She smells the food smell and thinks everyone may arranged in dining. It’s time to show her act. Hasini comes down to witness everyone sitting there to take dinner. Jaya notices Hasini and invites her to have dinner. Hasini says to her that she is going to serve everyone today. AJ says to her that he don’t have death wishes to eat her hand made food. She informs to him that she even don’t eat her hand made food then why should she serve it to him? Hasini says to him that she is going to give food to all which tastes amazing. Archana questions her Is it temple Prasad? Hasini says to her its will taste more good then that. She says to all that she is going to serve street food to all. AJ and Maya shows yuck faces. Hasini says to them don’t look down on it. Its tastes delicious. Jaya asks her to serve everyone. Even AJ son asks her to serve all. Hasini serves to all. AJ feels the smell is familiar to him. He tastes it and says to her she is lying. It’s AJ restaurant food but she is saying it as street food. Everyone agrees to him. Hasini adamant in her decision that it’s street food. AJ is not less he is also adamant. Finally Hasini agrees to him that it’s AJ restaurant food only but she brought it from street. AJ complaints that she is trying to take revenge on him for scolded her in morning.

Hasini teases him that she don’t mind his words. She has bill for the food. AJ checks it and thinks how is it possible? Hasini informs to him that he was sending food to orphanage but one black sheep selling it to hotel without his knowledge. She adds that he is not minding his management instead always busy in scolding her. AJ lashes out at his sons for being careless. He complaints that they are not working properly in office but their wife’s are complaining to him he is not giving free time to them. He asks them to don’t show their face to him till they find out the culprit. Maya is provoking her husband against AJ. Jaya comes there and lashes out at them.

Episode end

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