Thirumathi Hitler 5th May 2021 Written Update: AJ takes Hasini to the Restaurant

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The episode starts with Jaya says to all no one needs to live here bearing everything. Whoever has the capability to live in their own they can leave from this house. She don’t care about them. Her son says to her that she is scolding them for Maya’s foolishness. He and Kizhore will never think in that way. Kizhore adds that they knew well about AJ. They don’t mind whether AJ scold them or not? It’s their mistake not taking care of the hotel. He has all rights to scold them. Jaya says to them that all these properties is AJ hard work. He work hard to earn this all and leaves from there. Archana scolds Maya for talking nonsense. She says to her that they are enjoying his money then how could she provoke her husband against AJ for a small incident. Archana questions Chithra why did she talking like this? Is she feel like hell here? She can leave from here. She says to her that Maya talked like that then why did she scolding her? Jaya calls Hasini there and asks her to get ready. Jaya asks her to go with AJ. Jaya says to AJ that Hasini is feeling bore here. He says to her he will drop her in zoo. She questions him why did he trying to drop her in zoo? AJ says that he wants to find out who is the real Animal. Hasini says that all animals are in this house what’s the need to visit Zoo. She mentions him as Tiger. Jaya asks him to take Hasini to his restaurant.

Hasini complaints that she will never go with him. AJ teases her that she will eat all including humans. Chithra says what will that brainless Hasini do there? Maya complaints that AJ is opening new branches daily but she is going to close all one by one. Archana says that Jaya sending Hasini there to take care of AJ. She says that she is trying to make them close. Chithra and Maya complaints that she is going to stay here forever. Archana says that she is trying to stay here permanently but she will never allow this to happen. AJ complaints that he can’t able to take this senseless girl to office. Jaya says that Hasini is his wife she can able to manage the restaurant. Nothing is different then hotel business. She explains everything to him.

AJ complaints that she married to him cheating. She complained against him in police station then she entered inside putting deal with him. Hasini gives a fitting reply to him. Jaya praises Hasini. AJ complaints that she will create scene for small things. She only know to create head pain to him. Jaya says that she can’t able to stop her. Archana complaints that she can’t able to small things correctly. Hasini deny it all. She says that she don’t like to accompany him anywhere. Archana says that Hasini is good for nothing. Jaya says that Hasini whom find out the fraud in their restaurant. She is really helpful to all. Chithra teases Hasini. She gives fitting reply to her. Jaya stands adamant to take her to restaurant. She adds that Hasini will stay in corner. She says that he used to tensed up here because of his work pressure. Hasini will help him to reduce his work pressure. Jaya advises to him that she will help him to develop his business. Hasini thinks that she will never think good to him. AJ sighs and says to them let’s see whether he is bringing her back or throw her out. Hasini teases her daughter in laws. She says to them that she is a Business woman! Hereafter they wants to go service to her. She adds that they will plot against her if they are free. She asks them to clean the house, wash the clothes and clean the toilet. She will buy food for them in return.

Jaya blesses her and sends her out. AJ is driving the car. Hasini asks him to play the song. He says that music system is not working. She questions him Is Engine working or not? She asks him to sing for her. He complaints that she has over attitude. She teases him that he doesn’t know to sing. She starts singing there. He asks her to stop singing. She says that she has so many works to do there in office. She wants to maintain all management, she wants to sit in counter and counts the money. He questions him what position she needs in office? She says to him that she needs M.D position.

Episode end.

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