This festival is dedicated to nature

Makar Sankranti is celebrated as Pongal in South India. It is a festival of farmers. Pongal is an important festival celebrated in South India. Pongal is the harvest festival. The real meaning of Pongal is to boil. The second meaning is that in addition to this there is a completely new yr. This festival lasts for 4 days. This festival dedicated to nature is being celebrated for the reason that early events after harvesting of crops.

In this festival, Lord Indradev is worshiped for rain and good harvest. The second worship of Pongal is Surya Puja. In this, options for Suryadev are made within the soft of solar. Nandi, the bull of Lord Shiva, is worshiped on the third day. It is mentioned that after Nandi, one of the many major ganas of Shiva, made a mistake, Lord Bholenath requested him to help the people on earth by turning into a bull to rectify that mistake. The fourth Pongal is Kanya Pongal which was celebrated with pomp within the Kali temple. Only girls participate in it. On this festival, people pray to God for the upcoming harvest. In this festival, rain, incense, solar, Lord Indra and cattle are worshiped. Pongal is thought to usher in a new year in South India on the day of Uttarayan of Suryadev. Rangoli is made outside the house on this festival. New clothes and utensils are purchased. The horns of oxen and cows are dyed. On this festival, the growth of cow’s milk is given due importance. Milk is boiled in a new vessel. Kheer is specially made on this festival. Sweets and dishes are ready at the present time. Food is prepared from rice, milk, ghee, sugar and is offered to Lord Suryadev. On this festival, food is served to the hungry and clothes are distributed to the needy. The cow is worshiped and the animals are decorated and fed with good dishes. Additionally, it is believed that in the present day Lord Krishna allowed people to have a good time of this festival in honor of Devraj Indra. Kanya Pongal is celebrated on the last day of this four-day festival. In the present day, after cleaning the house, toran is made at the door with mango and coconut leaves. In the present day, girls make rangoli at the main entrance of the house. The Tamil month of Chithirai starts from the present time.

The figures given on this article are mainly based on spiritual beliefs and temporal beliefs, which have been introduced keeping in mind the curiosities of the general public.


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