“This place can definitely find you” – Sasha Banks tells Vince McMahon that she wants to quit WWE game

Sasha Banks tells Vince McMahon that she wants to leave WWE. Boss is the SmackDown Women’s Champion.

2020 was definitely the best year in WWE for Sasha Banks. She won all available main roster women champions, the first to do so in a single year. In the process, she became only the third female Grand Slam champion. Boss successfully defended a singles title on the main roster and eventually won in Hell in a Cell.

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2021 is also floating for him. Given how far she is, it is difficult to remember that there was a time when she was staggering in the mid-card. It seems that there was no creative direction for him and at the time, Banks considered leaving WWE.

Sasha Banks tells Vince McMahon that she wants to leave WWE

In an uproar from the episode Broken Skull Sessions of Stone Cold Steve Austin featuring Sasha Banks, Boss revealed that he had actually asked WWE for his release, but Vince McMahon refused. Instead, he suggested her to take some time and consider it.

“The hardest thing I had to do was to ask to leave WWE…. It was not like Vijay. He said no. He said that I am going to give you thirty days to think about it, and it took me more than thirty days. . . You can definitely find this place. It’s hard “

This is probably after WrestleMania 35 where he and Bailey lost the tag team titles. The boss was not seen in WWE long before he returned with a new look and was immediately healed.

The losing banks would be a major setback for WWE. The company claims that Americans are some of the best women wrestlers on earth and the boss is integral to that claim. After knowing what we know now, the decision to be with him works very well.

Sports Illustrated recently nominated the Wrestler of 2020 regardless of gender due to its brilliant work and was especially left out of the ring during unprecedented times.

The Women’s Tag Team are scheduled to take on the championship against Nia Jackson and Shayna Buszler along with Banks partner Bianca Bellair.

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