Tiny Beautiful Things: Netflix’s version of a black swan?

Netflix just dropped the trailer for its show ‘Very beautiful things’, And for those wondering why we chose this title, it’s because it is deeply reminiscent of the highly acclaimed film starring Mila Kunis and Natalie Portman. Tiny Pretty’s stuff got the whole Black Swan.

If the project is designed properly, it could be something that leaves the audience in awe and wants more. Tragedy ensues at Chicago’s most prestigious ballet school as friends become enemies behind your back and are all constantly made and broken to gain iconic roles.

The sheaves of this mystery have to be closely navigated by those who hide beneath the confines of this famous institution. The death of a star student of an elite school leaves everyone in shock, but proves to be an opportunity for a young girl who wants to make her mark. She seems happy to come to the college of her dreams but does it really look like an outing?

Everyone suspects a man, but no one comes here without his own baggage. The race to the top may indeed be lonely, but an artist has to navigate through much more than just his art, and seems to have an underlying theme as it was with the Black Swan.

The price for perfection is quite low, and the trailer of ‘Tiny Pretty Things’ brings that message home. Tiny Pretty Things will stream on Netflix from December 14.

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