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Season 2: Tiny Pretty Things is an American series. It is based on the novels of Dhonile Clayton and Sona Charipotra of the same name. It is produced by Michael McLennan. Released the first season of Tiny Pretty Things Netflix On 14 December 2020.

Renewal status

It was announced by Netflix for Tiny Pretty Things Season 1 in August 2019. Shooting began on the same day in Toronto. Season released on Netflix on 14 December 2020. And not even a month has passed, but the renewal is likely to be announced in February 2021 or March 2021.

Release status

Season 1 of the just released Tiny Pretty Things. So season 2 is not coming soon, but after renewal and everything, it may return in late 2021 or MSOT maybe as early as 2022.

Little Beautiful Things Season 2

cast members

  • Brennan Klost as Shane McRae- Shane is an openly gay dancer and secretly dating his roommate.
  • Damon J. as college vikal. Gillespie is sleeping with the director of the Archer School of Ballet. And is a dancer by profession.
  • Barton Cowperwhite as Oren Lennox – Oren Shane’s roommate and also a dancer. He suffers from an eating disorder. Kylie Jefferson as Neve Stroyer
  • Bayardo de Murgua as Ramon Costa – Ramon Costa is a choreographer.
  • Kasimere Jollet as Betam Whitlaw
  • Michael Hus Rosen as Nabil Limyadi
  • Tory Trowbridge as Delia Whitlaw
  • Ana Maichi as Cassie Shore
  • Daniel Norman as June Park
  • Jess Salaguero as Isabel Cruz
  • Sean Benson as Tophar Brooks
  • Michelle Noldan as Katrina Whitlaw
  • Monique DuBois as Lauren Hawley
  • Alexandra Bokhyun Chun as Mariel Parr – June’s mother
  • Paula Boudreau as Celina Covey
  • Jessica Greco as Tori Fuller
  • Araya Mengesha as Tyler Strawer
  • Ashley Coulson as Gwen Resnick
  • Morgan Kelly as Alan Referee
  • Claire Butler as Esme Helterlin
  • Josh Peman as Dev Ranvera, Shane’s love interest
  • Karen Robinson as Makayla Stroyer
  • Peck as Siana Milken
  • Emily Skibbick as Lindy
  • Nicole Huff as Paige Aquino
  • Alex Elling as Matt Electric
  • Daniel Kash as Sgt. Dan lavery
  • Luke Humphrey as Travis Quinn

Little Beautiful Things Season 2 – Plot

No Stroline or plot details for Seaosn 2 are out yet. However it may be released with a trailer or teaser video.

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