TMC gave grand alliance to stop BJP in Bengal, Congress bid-merge party, left also shown

Assembly elections are due in West Bengal after several months. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is preparing to contest this election in a really aggressive way. Union Home Minister Amit Shah and Chairman JP Nadda are constantly visiting Bengal and strategizing to conquer Bengal. The Trinamool Congress has appealed to all opposition events to unite to end this mission of the BJP. In this way, appealed to form a grand alliance on the strains of Bihar. Congress together recommended TMC.

The Trinamool Congress on Wednesday appealed to the Left Front and the Congress to be part of West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee in protest against the BJP’s “communal and divisive politics”. However, every event has rejected this recommendation head-on. At the same time, the Congress has provided the Trinamool Congress with a recommendation that it join together (Congress) as an option to form alliances to fight against the BJP.

The BJP, which is growing strongly in the state, says the TMC’s proposal shows that it does not have the ability to compete with saffron in the upcoming elections in West Bengal in April-May. At the same time, senior Trinamool Congress MP Saugat Roy told reporters, “If the Left Front and the Congress are really against the BJP, they should support Mamata Banerjee in the fight against the communal and divisive politics of the saffron party.”

He mentioned that Trinamool Congress chief Mamata Banerjee is “the real face of secular politics against BJP”. On the proposal of the Trinamool Congress, the state Congress chief Adhir Ranjan Chaudhary accused the BJP of ruling in the state for its energy.

“We are not interested in an alliance with the Trinamool Congress,” he said. After buying our MLAs for the final 10 years, why Trinamool Congress is now in alliance. If Mamata Banerjee is willing to go to war against the BJP, she should be a part of the Congress as it is the only nationwide platform for fighting against communalism. “

Let us tell you that Mamata Banerjee split from the Congress in 1998 and became based on the Trinamool Congress.

CPI (M) chief Sujan Chakraborty said why the Trinamool Congress was earmarked for an alliance with the Left Front and the Congress after a negligible political pressure was declared in the state. He also mentioned that the BJP is also trying to woo the Left Front. “It shows that he (Left Front) is still important,” he noted. The Left Front and Congress will each defeat the Trinamool Congress and the BJP in the meeting elections. “

West Bengal BJP president and Lok Sabha member Dilip Ghosh noted that it reflected the frustration of the Trinamool Congress. “They cannot fight us alone, so they are asking for help from other parties,” he said. This proves that BJP is different from Trinamool Congress. “

After being badly defeated in the Lok Sabha elections, the Congress and the Left Front determined to contest collectively. The CPI (M) -led Left Front won no seats in the Lok Sabha elections, while the Congress won only two of the entire 42 seats in West Bengal. On the other hand, BJP had acquired 18 seats while Trinamool Congress had acquired 22 seats.

In the 2016 elections in the state, the Congress and the Left Front alliance secured 76 seats out of 294 while the Trinamool Congress secured 211 seats.

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