TN Free Data Card Plan 2021 [Free Internet]

Details of TN Free Data Card Scheme 2020-2021 apply online, eligibility criteria, documents, FAQ, toll free helpline number, list, status

TN Free Data Card Scheme 2020-2021 will be launched by the Government of Tamil Nadu for students who will be given free internet. The data plan is intended to help students who do not have access to the Internet to be part of online classes and more. Read on to know more about other details related to the scheme and help students who wish to register for it.

TN free data card plan 2021

Name of scheme TN Free Data Card Scheme 2020-2021
Scheme will be launched by Government of Tamil Nadu
Beneficiaries of the launch of the scheme Students of schools and colleges
The main objective of the scheme launch Provide free data for online classes
Scheme launch date 10 January 2021
Total number of beneficiaries benefitted from the scheme 1 million students

TN Free Data Card Plan key features

  1. Main focus of scheme launch – Offering free data usage to students to be part of online classes is the main consideration as attendance at classes is still voluntary
  2. Beneficiaries of the scheme – Colleges and school students of government and government aided institutions are allowed to receive benefits
  3. Scheme will be launched by – Students will get help from Electronics Corporation of Tamil Nadu for the scheme

Even though classes have been started by higher authorities in Tamil Nadu, the students are not yet joining properly and want to continue online classes from home. Due to this, the authority is going to make such a decision and offer free data usage to help the students.

TN Free Data Card Plan eligibility criteria

  • College grade – The plan includes polytechnics, engineering, scholarship-funded, government and government aided colleges.
  • Residential proof – As soon as the scheme is launched in TN, only the original students of the states will be eligible to apply for the scheme benefits.
  • Data limit – The government will offer 2GB data limit per day under the scheme and it will be available for the first four months of the current year
  • Self funded institution – Students studying in self-Miracled institutions are also eligible for registration

Therefore, the scheme will be implemented by the Electronics Corporation of Tamil Nadu which is run by the state authorities and they will help the students to get the benefits of the scheme at the earliest.

TN Free Data Card Plan Document list

  • Residential proof – Students should produce suitable domicile certificate as proof that they are the original citizens of the state and are eligible to enjoy the planning allowances.
  • Educational Details – In order to register the applicant eligible, the candidate should present the appropriate educational certificate to be examined by the higher authority
  • Category Description – Class and stream details must be given by the higher authority to understand whether online classes and examinations are required
  • recognise – The student should submit the appropriate Aadhaar details, voter ID card or equivalent to register for the scheme

Therefore, it is recommended to present the correct and necessary documents to the higher authorities as it will help in checking and registering for the scheme in the first attempt. Any misinformation can result in its rejection.

TN free data card plan How to apply, form

The scheme has not yet been launched by the state government and hence, the portal has not yet been launched. The beneficiaries will be updated from the portal as soon as it arrives. For any related information, applicants should keep visiting the respective portal of the scheme and register for the same. The main idea is to help students continue to study online from home because they are unable to attend schools on an epidemic basis.

TN free data card plan general question

1 isWhat is the name of the scheme?

A-TN Free Data Card Scheme 2020-2021

2.Who has helped in the scheme launch?

A-Electronics Corporation of Tamil Nadu

3.Who are the beneficiaries of the scheme?

A-School and college students of government and aided institutions

4. What is the total number of beneficiaries for the scheme?

A-Around 1 million students

5. How much data will be given to the students?

A-2GB per day

6. What is the time period for data usage benefits?

A-January to April 2021

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