To Remember Me: Hrithik Sahore’s short film will melt your heart!

It was almost 3 years ago when ‘Two Remember Me By’ was announced by Hrithik Sahore. What caught the attention of the young was the young Sunny Pawar, who became a sensation with Lion (2016) and was the major attraction of the award show. With his appearance, the excitement of the short film skyrocketed.

Now three years later, the short film was released on Aava Kalakar’s YouTube channel and it looks like it was just right!

The story is about a boy named Anand Sehgal who lost his parents at an early age. He graduated from the University of NY and received a present from his grandmother. An briefcase is packed with all the memories of its parents and lies between it. Age old 8mm camera.

Anand remembers his moments as a toddler when he played with his parents and the camera holds the videos that his parents recorded in him. Anand decided to fix the camera and roamed the streets of Mumbai and found an antique shop that could probably fix the camera, but no luck.

Fed up with not finding any leads, he sits at a tea stall and a small child runs away with his camera. With all the remaining memories of his parents in the camera, Anand runs after the child to follow him. Thus, will definitely melt your heart and bring a smile to your face.

It is a stunning piece of art by the makers who managed to pull off such work without any major dialogue from the actors. All feelings in situations are characterized by facial expressions and deserve praise alone.

Ritwik Sahore acted as Anand Sehgal who did a great job as usual and proved how good an actor he is. Sunny Pawar has done her natural acting in the short film, which makes you smile.

Rahul Daswani’s direction is fascinating as he does not let the narrative slip for even a moment.

Check out the film as it definitely deserves all the praise it is getting!

To Me Me By is being streamed on Aava Kalakar’s YouTube channel.

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