To start listening to some of the best black anime podcasts

Anime podcasts in general, with the exception of a few, are so popular that the average fan Knows about this.

This is fine though. He is not always the target.

There are anime podcasts within that group Black Anime Podcast. Many with following and committed audiences.

Let’s talk about some black anime podcasts.

Some devoted to mobile phones, and others that cover “Annie”, among other topics.

Anime & Manga Podcast by Black Creators:

1. Cool Concept Podcast

Mikail Miles Cool Concept runs podcasts. Where he interviews creators, owners, etc. in anime, and Manga place.

An example is D’Andre Moffet, CEO of Pulse Manga.

And Inupen, A. Manga The producers who created the series “Chroma” Manga“.

Mikel’s podcast is on all major platforms like Spotify.

2. Sailor Moon Fan Club

Sailor Moon Fan Club Art

Sailor Moon Fan Club Is run by Victoria L. Johnson. A black woman who interviews other Sailor Moon fans on her podcast.

There have been 40+ podcasts till January 2021.

Guests include employees of Viz Media, the founder of the Black Girls anime, and more.

3. Do you have it? Podcast

Do you want to do an anime podcast

Do you have it? Podcast LaNeysha and Kate are run by. He started a podcast to create space for himself.

They talk about anime in general, and specific anime broadcast like Kakegurui in 2020. And even Hentai and Yaoi.

There is a lot of material to get to get acquainted.

4. Super Anime Podcast

Super Anime Podcast

Super Anime Podcast There is actually a podcast I am featured on.

It is run by Ed and Solo, where they discuss various anime shows, trends in the industry, interviews with black creators in the anime space and so on.

People are currently in their podcasts from 98 countries!

5. Getting Animated

Getting animated black podcasts

Getting animated Is hosted by Destiny-Senpai.

Anime attention (in your own words):

“Being Animated was created for anime fans, young and old; Complete Otakas fled for beginners. With weekly news straight from the anime industry and anime topics, you’ll be thinking about your favorite shows for hours. “

Destiny Cenpai covers the anime review (example is Perfect Blue or A piece), In-depth breakdown of anime genre or shows and other topics.

Similar to: 18+ of the best black female anime character you should know

6. Blink Anime

Blxxk Anime Podcast

Blxxk Anime The podcast is run by 5 anime fans who are friends. All those in the webtoon, Manga, And anime.

They share anime reviews such as Blood Blockade Battlefront, Opinion Peace on Anime Naruto, As well as a “Spotlight” month dedicated to creators.

They correspond to a few episodes each month focused on culture.

7. The Anime Tea

Anime Tea Cover Podcast

Anime tea, Unlike other traditional podcasts, one is in a video style format.

Many of his videos are of anime review, prediction, breakdown and impression.

Posted every Wednesday and Saturday.

Other Black Anime Podcasts

Black Anime Podcast Directory

There a Black Anime Podcast Directory You can go through a list of dozens and dozens of podcasts by black creators.

Here is the URL: blackanimepodcasts / podcasts

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