Today’s employment news (employment news) newspaper 2021 | Download PDF, Weekly Edition, Subscribe

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Employment newspapers have become so popular in India due to the huge population and rising unemployment rate in the country. The popularity of employment newspapers and magazines has not diminished even after the rise of the Internet. The weekly Rojgar Patrika or Rojgar Samachar Patra is one of the newspapers that has gained considerable fame among job seekers. Employment News is available in PDF format in both Hindi and English.

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Interested applicants can follow this article to know more about employment / employment newspapers and magazines.

Today’s employment news (employment news) newspaper 2021

This article explains today’s employment newspaper / Rojgar Samachar 2021, PDF download, weekly edition and subscription online.

Download Employment Newspaper Weekly Edition PDF 2021

  • Citizens / job seekers should subscribe to employment newspapers as discussed.
  • Customers can download the PDF format of Rojagar Samachar Patra only once after officially subscribing to the employment newspaper.
  • Please subscribe to employment newspapers and then avail the services of employment newspaper both offline and online.

Rojgar Samachar / Subscribe to today’s employment news online

Interested applicants can subscribe to both E-employment news subscription and print employment news subscription as follows. Let us look at both the membership methods in detail.

E-employment news subscription @

  • Visit the official portal of employment news.
  • It takes the online user to the home page.
Today's employment news
  • Click the Available Membership tab in the menu bar.
  • This then opens the dropdown.
  • Select the e-employment news subscription from the dropdown.
  • Please Click here To go directly to the membership page.
  • On the newly opened page, enter user name, password, confirm password, first name, last name, email ID, mobile number.
E-employment news subscription
  • Select the country, state and city shown in the form.
  • Enter captcha code.
  • Verify all details and click on Create Account button.
  • It then successfully creates your account on the employment portal.
  • Go to the home page and click on the login button.
  • The online user will be redirected to the dashboard below.
E-employment news subscription
  • On the dashboard, the user can inspect the profile, e-version subscription, print version subscription, address book, and helpdesk in the menu bar.
  • Click on the e-version subscription option in the menu bar.
  • It then displays the page below.
  • Click on Add New Subscription Tab.

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E-employment news subscription
  • The Subscription dialog box then opens.
  • Select your subscription box from the dropdown.
  • Applicant can inspect payment details.
Roger news paper 2021
  • Click on the Miracle button.
  • Select the payment mode you wish to pay and complete the registration process.

Print employment news paper subscription

  • Membership is similar to the subscription process of an e-edition subscription.
Print Employment News Subscription
  • Please follow the similar procedure described above for e-edition subscription.

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Quick Links

Employment News Official Portal


Employment newspaper head office

Contact : 011-24366670; 24366671 is

E mail ID: [email protected]

Today’s Employment News FAQ

What are the benefits / benefits of employment news e-paper?

The employment newspaper provides accurate print editions in digital format. Applicants can read all versions on the same site.

What are the best features that citizens can avail of Roger’s newsletter online?

Digital Employment News Paper has features like access to archives, read mode, tag-based search, zooming and more.

What is the membership cost for an online employment newspaper?

The cost of the printed edition is Rs 530 for one year, Rs 1000 for two years and Rs 1400 for a three year subscription. However, the e version cost is Rs 400 for a year, Rs 750 for two years and Rs 1050 for a three-year subscription.

.Can I cancel my membership and close mid-way and get a refund?

No, the customer cannot cancel the subscription mid-way. In addition, the user cannot receive the refund amount later.

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