Tollywood Business: New Changes in New Business – Galte

Tollywood manufacturers and distributors are facing difficult times right now due to the coronovirus epidemic. This is a major setback for distributors due to the theater being closed. Producers also cannot convince distributors to release new films amid new rules about limited occupancy. In this scenario, trade experts noticed that the film business would not be the same, at least for the next one to two years. Changes will occur only in relation to theatrical business, but no change will be seen in all other film business modes.

Several big-budget skirmishes saw a postponement, and still no clarity on release. Producers will opt for large-scale theatrical release only when theaters are over 75 per cent busy. At the same time, distributors are indifferent to taking on new projects. Many distributors who have already given advances from some big films are no longer willing to pay a heavy price for theatrical rights. The corona epidemic will have a wide impact on regional theatrical business.

Keeping the regional landscape separate, it will be difficult for producers to release films on an all-India basis. Unless the film’s lead role is a market outside the Telugu states, the all-India release is impossible for all other films. With the news of the second wave of Coronavirus doing the rounds in the media, everything will not be the same for the next two years.

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