Tom and Jerry Chase APK v5.3.22 (all unlocked) for free


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Tom and Jerry Chase APK Description

Name Tom and Jerry Chase APK
Edition 5.3.22 (latest)
Shape 42 MB
created by NetEase Games
Mod features – No
latest update Feb-2021
Price free
The style Accidental
Android required Android 2.3 and above

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Tom and Jerry Chase APK Description

If you don’t miss the famous pair of Joseph Barbara and William Hanna, don’t call yourself a big fan of the Tom and Jerry animated series. Both these individuals were responsible for creating and distributing pure childish entertainment to the people globally. He took the story of a basic cat and mouse to a new level. More than 70 years have passed since its inception, but we still love the pairing of Tom and Jerry.

Apart from the animated series, various other shows, movies and sports have appeared in the last few decades. A well-known game development company named NetEase Games launched its gaming product based on the well-established Tom and Jerry formula. Its name is Tom and Jerry Chase APK.

If you want to download this game from Google Play Store, we are sorry to inform you that it is not available on that application platform. So our team decided to bring this great game to its users.

We guarantee that players will not be disappointed with the performance of this game. It provides a successful nostalgic experience to all players. Additionally, it has been widely praised for its faithful adaptation of the animated series. Jerry, a small brown rat, cannot stop himself from being attracted to cheese. On the other hand, Tom is tasked to hold that mouse once and for all. We can play this game with both characters and experience the game to a new level.

Tom and Jerry Chase APK Features

Vintage gameplay

Children from the 1990s and 2000s saw various well-known cartoon series such as Dexter Laboratory, Powerpuff Girls, Rhesus, Duck Tales, and many more. But there was only one show that managed to stand out from the rest and that was none other than the Tom and Jerry series. The best thing about this series is that people of any age group can watch it without facing difficulties. The same can be said about this game. The classic chase and tag games have been given by the developers of NetEase Games. To start the game, players are able to choose one of the two letters.

online mode

It’s not like you’re going to play this game alone! No! Instead, you are going to compete against millions of players worldwide through online mode. It is up to you whether you want to play with them or neutralize all their efforts in the game. Are you able to steal cheese? Are you confident enough to stop a little brown mouse? Find out the answers after installing the Tom and Jerry Chase APK on your Android device.

Amazing graphics

The graphics are designed in such a way that players will get a little indifferent. We are sure that you will be thrown back into your childhood memories, when you watched the animated series after your school hours.

We have seen very popular gaming series with trendy 3D graphics. But here it is not so. The developers have added 2D graphics to keep things simple and emotional.

Different characters

In addition to the pair, players can also select multiple characters such as Lightning, Tuffy and others. Every character has unique skills and they will be very beneficial for you in the game.

Many game modes

We have listed below all the methods given to the players in this gaming installment:

  • Golden key match
  • Classic mode
  • Beach volleyball
  • Cheese Mania Match
  • Fun with fireworks

The conclusion

Our website has just revealed the latest version of the Tom and Jerry Chase APK available on the Internet. You are unable to find the authentic file on the Play Store because it is not there. Additionally, all bugs and glitches have been fixed in this version. You can visit the download link at the bottom of this article. In addition, you can enter our Telegram channel to download the modeled files of other famous games. Download it now!

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Q. Can it be downloaded for free?

Answer Yes! Visit our Telegram channel to download it for free.

Q. Are all the worms fixed?

Answer All the bugs in this game have been fixed.

Q. Is it free from viruses?

Answer Yes! Players will get a complete virus-free experience in this latest entry.

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