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An announcement by Quibe for Junji Ito’s adaptation of Manga Tomi. Tommy was to be directed by Alexandre Aja and Adalyn Rudolph as the main leads.

Based on cult hit Manga, Tommy is the story of a high school girl. She goes missing and her corpse is found in a scattered small town. And the murder mystery of a beautiful girl turns into a terrible secret.

Tommy Adaptation Canceled?

Quibi has finally announced the closure. It is a bite-sized streaming platform and will close this year after a seven-month view. And that means, Horror Fans, produced by Sam Raimi, is not a bad news for 50 States of Fright. The show had two seasons and then hit the bullet before the content was lost.

Also, if there is no closer, there will be no upcoming adaptation of Tommy from Alexandre Aja by Junji Ito Abhinav. But there are still expectations for freight from 50 states.

So the Journal of the Wall Street has a full stop. The site gets noticed because the streaming service has been plagued by problems since its launch in April, which is experiencing lower viewership than expected, disappointing download numbers and from a well-capitalized foe Is the case. Quib founder Jeffrey Katzenberg called investors today.

Which which

Designed as a streaming option. All content will be broken even if viewed on the phone. And as Quii launched into the epidemic, it did not benefit much. And can hardly be considered the sole cause of its downfall. At the end of the day, it was not enough to leave its mark.

Other genres suggest that Quibby’s roster included “The Expecting” directed by Mary Harron and “The Stranger” starring Micah Monroe / Dan DeHaan.

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