Top 10 Facts About Rio Olympic 2016

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Summer Olympic game 2016 is commonly known as “Rio Olympic 2016”. It is an international multi-sport event which occurs every four years interval and organised by the International Olympic Committee. Here I have revealed the top 10 facts about the “Rio Olympics 2016”.

Rio Olympic Schedule and Result

1.Summer Olympic

Summer Olympic is an international multi sport event first held in the modern era in 1896 in Athens, Greece.

summer olympic

2.South America’s First ever

The Rio Olympic game takes place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Hence the 2016 Olympics game is also named as “Rio 2016”. Rio Olympic will be the first Olympic game to take place in South America.


3.Opening and Closing Ceremony

The Rio Olympic is the first Olympic games in the history at which the opening and the closing ceremonies do not hold in Athletics stadium. Instead, Ceremonies take place at Maracana stadium, which is solely a football stadium.



At every Summer Olympic Games the only countries to have had representatives are France, Austria, Greece, Great Britain and Switzerland.


5.The 5 Rings

The 5 Rings of the Olympic symbol represent the 5 countries, Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and the Americas, countries are linked together in friendship. Every national flag in the world has at least one color of the Olympic ring in their flag.

rio rings

6.The New Sports

Rugby (returning after 92 years) and Golf (returning after 112 years) will be the new sports of the Olympic Game.

golf and rugdy


The slogan of the Rio Olympic game is sua paixao which means live your passion.

rio 2016

8.The Refugees

A team of Athletes who are have been forced to escape from their countries will be allowed to compete for the first time. The International Olympic Committee says six men and Four women are qualified according to their personal circumstances unverified status and sporting ability and they compete under the Olympic flag.


9.Olympic Village

The Olympic village of Rio de Janeiro 2016 will be over 185 acres. This huge area will accommodate 17,700 beds in 9,460 bedrooms in 48 multi-storied buildings.


10.The Mascot

The mascot of Rio 2016 summer Olympic games was unveiled on November 24 2014.The name of the Rio Olympic 2016 mascot is “Vinicius”. It was titled after the Brazilian musician Vinicius de Moraes.




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