Top 10 Food For Summer

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Curd Helps you to cool down your body easily than any other foods.Curd has many nutritional facts it contains about 4.3 grams of fat,3.4 grams of carbohydrates,11 grams of protein and  17 milligrams of cholesterol.It helps to improve your immunity of body.



Watermelon contain about 92 percent of water which helps you to cool your body.There’s very modest amount of potassium and also it is a fat free fruit.So it is the best fruit  for summer heat.



Lemon are available at affordable price.It helps to cool your body and improve your immune system.Lemon is  rich for antioxidant and a great source of vitamin c and minerals.

lemon juice

4.coconut  water

The best drink to beat summer thirst is coconut water.It is a very good source of B-complex vitamins and further it contain vitamin-c which is water-soluble ant-oxidant.Coconut not only reduce the heat,it also has the cancer fighting property and anti-ageing property.

coconut-water cream

Everyone loves have  ice cream for summer as it is chill.It has many vitamin source and provide lot of energy.Don’t have lot of ice-cream if you have lactose-intolerant.

ice cream


Cucumber is a crunchy vegetable with low cost.It is rich in fiber and plays a important role in summer for cooling your body.



Summer salad are made by using the leaves of  Amaranth,basil and other summer herbs.They are rich in nutrition and also give you more energy for summer.


8.Barley Water

Have two tease spoon of barely water along with lemon.It gives you more energy.As it is rich in fiber,it has low difficulty and helps to avoid loss of appetite.


9.Mint water

One glass of mint water along with lemon works wonder.It helps in boosting metabolism and also reduce the loss of appetite.


10.Green vegetables

Green vegetables are always good for health not only on summer but for all the times.In-take of green vegetables during summer is good for health as it has high water content.

green vegeta

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