Top 10 Tourist Places in Valparai

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Valparai is the one of hill station in Tamilnadu, India located in Western Ghats. It has many beautiful icnoic places.  Here is the list of recently reviewed tourist places in Valparai. Some of the top ten Valparai tourist places are listed below. Valparai can be visited in summer, monsoon or winter.

1. Monkey Falls

Monkey Falls is located close to the Azhiyar Park and the Siddashram.. It is also known as Chinna Kutralam. A fascinating trek route at the Monkey Falls, a linear stretch of evergreen forests surrounded through rocky cliffs, is available and regular guided treks are conducted during the favorable season. You should give prior request to the Tamil Nadu Forest Department headquarters at Pollachi before a fortnight.

monkey falls valparai tourist places

2. Nallamudi Poonjolai

It is located in Nallamudi Tea Estate near the Sangiliroad. To reach this view point you must walk 1 km inside the tea estate. You may see Pugmarks, fresh Elephant Dung, & Droppings of Leopards and Bears that visit here regularly at nights, from here you will get an excellent view of Anamudi – The highest peek of south India.

Nallamudi Poonjolai valparai tourist places

3. Aliyar Dam

Aliyar Dam is located in Pollachi town in Coimbatore District. This This Scenic spot is the foothills of Valparai hills. Aliyar Dam was constructed across the Aliyar river, mainly for irrigation purposes. The Aliyar dam offers some ideal getaways including a, aquarium, park, garden, play area and a mini Theme-Park maintained by Tamil Nadu Fisheries Corporation for visitors’ enjoyment.
aliyar dam valparai tourist places

4. Loam’s View Point

Loam’s View Point is situated between Valparai and Pollachi. It is named after Mathew Loam, who marked the road way back in 1886.  Loam’s View Point is located on the ninth bend of the winding Aliyar Valparai hill road, the Loam’s View point is a vantage point where a platform gives you a lovely view of the picturesque mountain road, the blue waters of the Aliyar reservoir and the Anamalai mountain range.

loam's view point tourist places in valparai

5. Tiger Valley

Tiger Valley is approximately 35 kms enroute Valparai. It provides a spectacular view of the upper Azhiyar reservoir and Kadamparai. Windmills situated on the plains can be a feast to the eyes, try zooming in your binoculars for a couple.
tiger valley tourist places in valparai

6. Chinnakallar Falls

Chinnakallar Falls is situated around 15 km away from Valparai. Chinnakallar Falls is surrounded by a dense forest and the place is also known as the Cherapunji of Tamil Nadu because of the maximum rainfall received.

chinnakallar fall tourist places in valparai

7. Nirar Dam

Nirar dam is situated at a distance of 15 kms from Valparai. And it is built for multipurpose project such as Hydro electricity production and irrigation purpose. Nirar  dam is situated in a wonderful location covered by a dense forest. There is a waterfalls near by the dam which resembles the Cascade.

nirar dam tourist places in valparai

8. Balaji temple

Balaji Temple is situated in Karamalai and it is owned by the Peria Karamalai tea industries. It is approximately 10 kms from Valparai. You can reach temple either take a detour from Hairpin bend 40 or from Valparai town. The climate and the silence prevailing here makes it an ideal place to reinforce one’s conviction in the almighty.

balaji temple tourist places in valparai

9. Sholayar Dam

Sholayar dam is situated around 20 km away from Valparai and it is a part of a Hydro Electric project of Tamilnadu State. It is considered as the second deepest dam in Asia. It is a vital reservoir under the Parambikulam Aliyar Project and has a water storage capacity of 160 ft.

sholayar dam tourist places in valparai

10. Parambikulam Tiger Reserve

The Parambikulam Tiger Reserve is situated in Chittur talk of Palakkad District. It was established in 1973. The Parambikulam Tiger Reserve is in the Sungam range of hills between the Anaimalai Hills and Nelliyampathy Hills.

Parambikulam sanctuary tourist places in valparai

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