Topper Mortimer Vic: Bio, Age, Height, Spouse, Profession, Price and More

Topper Mortimer is also known as Rover Livingston. He is the former Tinsley Mortimer Husband who is a popular TV star. Unlike Topher Mortimer wife, he prefers to maintain a low profile in front of the media. Not only this but he rarely appears in the headlines. This is why it is difficult to get any information about him on the net.

Topper not only works at Guggenheim Partners, but he is also going to achieve the standard oil fortune. He was born in 1977. After splitting with Tinsley Mortimer, she married the famous shoe designer Tabita Simmons.

If you are here to learn more about Topper Mortimer such as Topper Mortimer Net Worth 2020 and more details then you should read this article.

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Topper Mortimer Wikipedia

1Real NameRobert Livingston Topper Mortimer
2Date of birth22 December 1977
3Topper Mortimer Age42 years 2 months
5Topper Mortimer Height5 ‘8 “
6Weight62 kg
7Topper Mortimer Hair ColorBrown hair
8HometownNashville, Tennessee. USA
9Topper mortimer zodiac signLion
10Topper Mortimer EducationBachelor in BBA
1 1marital statusmarried
12Topher Mortimer EthnicityMixed heritage
13Topper Mortimer ProfessionInvestor, Businessman
14Topper Mortimer Net Worth in 2020~ $ 35 million
15Topper Mortimer HobbiesReading books, surfing the internet

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Topper Mortimer Facts: 2020

Here are some things you probably didn’t know about the Topper Mortimer biography.

1. He is in Miracle

Topher is currently working with Guggenheim Partners, a Miracle firm. Apart from this he is also associated with other investment companies like Focus Point Private Capital Group. Apart from this, he also inherited a large oil company. There is no doubt that he is lying about money.

2. Their company stays rich

Being a rich man, he likes to have rich friends around him. She has many millionaire friends who like to flex their money. Many times, he is captured wandering with Alejandro Domingo, a billionaire. He was once seen on the Met.

3. Topper is a qualified graduate

It is difficult to disagree with this one, given the fact that he owns an oil company and works in Miracle. In 2010, Topher was tagged as the most eligible graduate in the New York Post. There is no doubt that he deserved that title very well.

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4. He comes from an influential family

Topher is coming for the Mortimer family: he belongs to a very well-established background. He is the grandson of Henry Morgan Tilford, former president of Tuxedo Park in New York City. Not only that, but his mother works as an editor at Elle Décor and House Beautiful.

He also meets the family of John Jay, America’s first Chief Justice. Topher has succeeded in maintaining his family’s reputation in Miracles and apparently managing the oil business he inherited.

5. Their siblings are also rich

Topher is not the only lucky child of the Mortimer family. Peter Davis, his half-brother is the former editor-in-chief of Avenue magazine. Currently, he is working as Editorial Director of Express. Coming to her sister Minnie, she is a fashion designer. She is married to Stephen Gahan, an award-winning director and screenwriter.

6. Topper tied the knot at age 18

As we mentioned earlier, Topher married the famous TV star Tinsley. Both of them got married at the age of 18. Since Topher’s family was not ready for marriage, he had to opt for a court marriage. The couple remarried in 2002 after turning 26. However, his marriage to Tinsley did not last long.

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7. The net worth of the topper is hidden

Topher is a very private person. He does not like to share his private life publicly and prefers to maintain a very low profile. Although we can infer that he is a wealthy fellow, no one knows of his net worth. There are rumors that his total assets are estimated at $ 35 million.

8. He is the father of a daughter

Topper Mortimer Family

Topher is married to shoe designer Tabita Simmons. He is currently leading a happy life and is welcoming his baby girl Violet. She was born in January. He was so happy about his baby girl’s arrival that he even took to Instagram to share it with the world.

A person who is so private and to hide everything, shares a picture of his newborn daughter on social media platforms. He has two sons, Dylan and Elliott, from his previous marriage with Tinsley.

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Topper Mortimer latest photos and instagram updates

Here we have found some rare pictures of Topher Mortimer with his partner.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Topper Mortimer on the Internet

1. WHo topper is Mortimer?

Topher Mortimer is one of the richest businessman and investor in the United States and ex-husband of popular TV artist Tinsley Mortimer. Read more about his personal life in this article.

2. wTopper Mortimer live here?

After separating with his first wife Tinsley Mortimer, Topher Mortimer is now living in the city of Chicago, USA.

3. What is Topher Mortimer doing now?

Along with his many ongoing financial ventures, Topher Mortimer is looking after his wife’s shoes and fashion business. You can read more about T.Opper mortimer news on the internet.

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wrapping it up

Topher is not only famous for his association with Tinsley, but he is also known for his family background and himself. He is the successor to the oil business on a large scale. Although he is not a celebrity, but he is rich.

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