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Actress Taapsee Pannu has revealed everything she has done in her career. The slap actress admitted that she was a victim of misunderstanding in the industry and explains how she dealt with it. Taapsee said that she was once turned into a film, because Taapsee, the wife of the film’s protagonist, did not want to. While Taapsee has not revealed who the protagonist and his wife are or what industry he has come in, he just said “once”. It comes as a shocker. However, this is not all.

Further Taapsee shared another such incident. She said that one of her introductions in a film was replaced by a hero because she did not want to “dominate” him. He said that Hero pressured the director to change Taseep’s introduction.

Taapsee stated that she was once asked to change her dialogue in a film while she was dubbing for her film and argued that the protagonist did not like Taapsee’s dialogue. She said that she refused to change her dialogue and that she was shocked after the film’s release as the producers found a dubbing artist and completed it without letting Taapsee know about it.

In another example of Hero’s domination, Tapsee was asked to cut his remuneration to control the budget of the film as the previous film of the film’s protagonist did not do well at the box office. She said that she was surprised because Nayak’s remuneration was not cut, while Nayak’s remuneration was deducted after Nayak’s previous film flopped. Tapasi said that he has faced many such strange things in the film industry. He made shocking revelations in an interview to Filmfare.

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