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  • Leading trade event held during December 3-5 will help Indian manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of consumer packaged and durable goods discover new business opportunities.

Following the notable success of leading COVID-19 Essential Expo India, Packaging Expo and other business conferences of significant importance, TradeIndia is set to hold yet another historic virtual business conference, India’s premier B2B marketplace. Leading online trading company Consumer Goods Expo 2020 – is set to optimize its proprietary platform to convene the world’s largest virtual exhibition for the Indian MSME ecosystem. The event will prove to be important in highlighting the plethora of new business ideals and collaborations for small and medium scale businesses in the country.

To help Indian manufacturers, suppliers and exporters of consumer packaged and durable goods, TradeIndia has expanded its state-of-the-art digital platform to help them connect with global buyers. This will allow exhibitors from MSME sector in India to showcase a wide range of products and services to visitors, which will help in building lucrative business partnerships through qualified leads. In addition to helping the nation’s manufacturers, suppliers and exporters, display their products through 3D product demonstrations before an international audience; This comprehensive business spectacle will also keep the economy engine running by enabling more efficient and cost-effective business networking to increase overall productivity.

Consumer Goods Expo India 2020 will improve the MSME sector of the country by enhancing substantial trade by adapting TradeIndia’s modern digital technology platform to remove geographical barriers and develop new opportunities for the country’s manufacturing industry. The virtual business congregation will have a series of major stalls equipped with attractive services and facilities. This event will not only herald business appreciation possibilities through direct meetings and appointments with relevant buyers between local and global buyers, but will also direct assured solutions to all potential buyer questions and consumer needs.

Marquee Virtual Trade Confusion will also feature a live chat enable and networking facility to generate real-time leads in three days and 33 hours, with booths customized with brand logos, messaging, product demos and digital handouts and brochures – Also included is the sales generation. Business communication improved. The event will also feature a digital product launch and platform design to attract buyers’ touch points towards the event exhibitor booth.

The digital business conference will prove to be important in solving the distribution and customer needs of the logistics industry by facilitating direct meeting with various consumer goods, materials, products, equipment and machinery users. The event will be highly successful in increasing the level of business visibility and empowering attractive business leads while connecting your team with qualified buyers. This will provide professional community an opportunity to experience high level seminars by industry privileges.

The notable trade exhibition is expected to bring more than 1 lakh 50 thousand visitors from virtual medium to dealers, end-users, manufacturers, buyers, service-providers, exporters, e-commerce vendors and media. The event will showcase more than 125 exhibitors, including products and categories such as food and beverage, beans, dry fruits, dairy products, edible oils, and fats, health foods, fast food marines and meat products, rice and snacks. A huge surf performance takes place. Fashion accessories, shoes, wedding dress, beauty and cosmetic products, crockery and cookware, automobiles, jewelery, firearms, toys and games, transport equipment, household goods and products, etc.

Speaking of up and coming business events, Spokesperson TradeIndia said,
“With the level of consumer demand coming back to its pre-COVID levels, various small and medium exporters, buyers and sellers in the Indian manufacturing industry are in dire need of a consummate and technology-driven trading platform, thereby reinvigorating themselves Help make it lively. financial crisis. By catalyzing the much anticipated Virtual Consumer Goods Expo 2020 through our flagship digital platform, we will usher in the growth of business networking and collaboration possibilities. We believe this powerful business spectacle will reduce the success of past performances by a significant margin and help Indian SMEs achieve substantial business consolidation amid a rapidly evolving business landscape. “

The Consumer Goods Expo 2020 is projected to attract more than 20 sponsors and an average of 2000 visits per stall. The comprehensive virtual event will also see participants from over 160 countries. The groundbreaking business summit has been put forward to enable around 40% lead conversion, with over 800 Indian cities covering more than 1800 global cities.

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