Transformers 7: Is The Franchise Releasing Seventh?

Most of us are familiar with Transformers because we grew up watching franchise movies. After all these years, fans are still excited to see the team with a new plot. Currently, questions are regarding the release of Transformers 7. However, the team has not released any update since the beginning of the year. A trailer was released featuring a glimpse of Transformers 7: Rise of the Unicorns. Travis Knight will direct the franchise’s seventh film. Also, there were rumors about the series being canceled but this is not true. The team is all set to release its seventh film by 2021. Given the Kovid-19 conditions, a delay can also be expected. Read more to know the updates about the new film.

What to expect from transformer 7?

The franchise is known for automobiles that can transform into robotic bodies. They protect their human bosses and fight against deceptive robots. The plotline for Transformer 7 is still unknown and the team has not given any indication so far. However, there are many speculations from fans looking at the previous season. The new film ‘The Last Night’ is likely to feature parts or elements. In addition, Optimus Prime is expected to find out about their origins. Along with this, we may see more chaos and action with new robots which also turn into vehicles. The new film is expected to keep its fans on the edge of the seat.

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What are the other updates on the movie?

The release date of the film has not been updated yet. The trailer is available to fans. In addition, Corona has interfered with many production processes and therefore delays are expected for transformers. The film is likely to be aired by mid-2021.

It is hard to draw conclusions about the cast as there is very little idea about the film. However, we can expect new faces and guest roles. The previous cast is also expected to return. It features Shia La Beyoff as Sam Witwicki, Tyres Gibson as Robert Epps, Josh Duhmall as Captain William Lennox, Anthony Anderson as Glenn Whitman, Megan Fox as Mikella Bain, Rachel Taylor as Maggie Madsen , Agent Seymour Simmons, includes Megan Fox as John Turturro. Keller, Kevin Dunn as Ron Witwicky and others.

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