Trivikram’s political touch for NTR? – TheMiracleTech

It was a big blockbuster film like Alha Vaikuntapuramulu for a star director like Trivikram, which had to overcome lambasting due to a pathetic film like Agathavashi. Now that the director is back in the form of giving hits, his next film with NTR is in all the hype.

The NTR30 was announced in February this year and is scheduled to be released next summer. But the global epidemic changed the tables for everyone and the team now plans to start the actual shooting in March 2021 and release it in October.

Trivikram and NTR’s Arvinda Samatha focused primarily on the faction, but their next collaboration is heard as Trivikram’s favorite ‘family entertainer’, a drama-comedy genre. Although the film has touched a bit of politics, it is a complete family entertainer. NTR had been away from politics for many years and it would be interesting to see him in it, at least for the film.

NTR will complete its part and composition scenes with Charan for the stage drama RRR by the end of this year. He will appear in the regular shoot for Trivikram’s film All-New Look in March next year.

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