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With the vampire-werewets fantasy drama gaining popularity on the Internet, a reboot of HBO fame ‘True Blood’ will do no harm.

It’s been six years HBO closed its most popular show ‘True Blood’.. Yes, we are talking about the East ‘game of Thrones’Era. The fantasy drama series gained massive popularity over a seven-season period and left fans wondering when HBO announced it was time to wrap things up. Since the reboot trend has recently become a common occurrence, it will not be unwise for ‘True Blood’ fans to revive the show. The show revolves around a waitress with telepathic powers, Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin), Who falls in love 173 year old vampire Bill Compton Amid a series of mysterious murders in Bon Temps, Louisiana.


  • Why did ‘True Blood’ end?
  • Award-winning Hollywood stars who auditioned for the show
  • What happened to ‘True Blood’ after Alan Ball left the show?

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Why did HBO decide to cancel the show after seven successful seasons?

HBO had 80 spectacular ‘True Blood’ episodes before the television network hinted at canceling it six years ago. Fans of ‘True Blood’ took it to the internet, asking the producers if they would see their favorite characters again.

HBO’s programming director Michael Lombardo revealed some details in an interview Three hearted About why the network decided to end the fantasy drama series in 2014.

“This season (season 7), Blood True Blood” is one of the highest-rated shows across the board; It is seen more than 10 million times in an episode “

True Blood will help HBO gain fame

Claimed Lombardo.

“But the minute you think you’re broadcasting it for the numbers we start questioning it. Every season we sit with the producers and say ‘Tell us what the next year will be like’. And if the upcoming season doesn’t have exciting, unbelievable, unquestioned ideas, then we’re raising questions. And I think in the case of ‘True Blood’, it felt like we had reached a place where the story was hitting a wall. And just to stay because the ratings felt strong about who we are and we need, quite honestly, money and a place for Sunday night shows, Michael added.

A-listers such as Benedict Cumberbatch and Jessica Chastain played almost leading roles in ‘True Blood’. How crazy

Producer Alan Ball gave HBO a fantasy drama that still remains one of the best hits of all time. ‘game of Thrones”Done by’, And’the Sopranos’. Allen shocked fans when he made shocking revelations about people auditioning for the lead roles in ‘Sacha Khoon’.

While attending the screening of the show’s pilot episode Vulture Festival LA On his tenth anniversary, Ball reported that Drs. Strange had read for the role of Bill Compton which was eventually played by Stephen Moyer. Golden Globe winner Jessica Chastain also auditioned for the role Sookie Stackhouse played by Anna Paquin.

‘Hunger games’ star Jennifer Lawrence, Who auditioned for the role of a panther girl (Jason’s love interest) In season three, she was stopped when she was only 17, and the age difference between her and Jason was not appropriate for the story.

Audience changes influenced HBO drama series ‘True Blood’

It goes without saying that Alan Ball should have led the show to its end. But HBO decided to replace him after season 5 for Mark Hudis. Hadith, who was the co-executive producer of ‘True blood ‘season 4, Somehow removed the characters from the original plot in the book.

Bill Compton became the antagonist in Season 5 and fans did not understand why the show forced such a change after it came away. Fans who were well versed ‘Southern vampire mystery‘, On which the show was based, was not produced in the on-screen version by Amelia, Appius Livius Okela, Dinta, John Quinn and Bubba and many other characters.

Video Credit: TrueBlood

Charlene Harris, author ofSouthern vampire mysteryTowards the end of the series, the show seemed overwhelmed by the portrayal of some characters.

“I think it would have been nice to see a little more of the elves and creatures. I really liked my version of the faeries, because it turns out. I had an arrangement, a kingdom. They don’t. Were doing, I don’t know, party animals! They were really different in the books “

Told Charlene in an interview Vulture New York.

The series introduced a variety of supernatural creatures into the episode, such as faeries, Werevoice, hybrid, subpoena, witches, and fan favorites – the Vampire. If there was to be reboot ‘True Blood’ on Netflix or HBO, Fans will certainly expect a better ending for Sookie and Sam. All seven seasons of ‘True Blood’ are available to watch online Disney + Hotstar.

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