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Be it life, sports or politics, when one comes near the end of the final spell, one thinks of the legacy, leaving a lasting impression in public memory for the final stretch. director Donald TrumpHowever, he cares about heritage as much as he cares for justification during his tenure. He probably knows that he will be remembered just as much for stepping out of the office as his arrogant rent; Packing inspection offices with loyalists; Divisive dogs whistle at white supremacists; Inciting racial unrest; And for a completely unilateral presidential term, being influenced by corrupt conduct serves the personal and financial interests of the president. Not only has Trump’s presidency proved that a person completely unqualified for office can become the President of the United States, but also has laid bare weaknesses, which have been predetermined simply because previous President Trump There were more presidents than ever, as he was once carelessly admitted.

The president’s personal and financial interests have a completely unconstitutional presidency influenced by corrupt conduct.

Willful tax opacity

Jimmy Carter later, all presidents have kept their businesses and property separate from the country’s business of governance so that their office functions reflect fairness and public service. Not trump. He made a money making machine under his chairmanship. Cough over $ 2.5 million in expenses For his businesses. This not only seems grossly unfair, but also smells of illegality. However, despite being against all presidential norms, it is unlawfully inferior, as presidents are exempt from rules related to conflicts of interest that govern other federal officials although all previous presidents have acted, although the rules Has governed them, as well as other federal personnel. On the other hand, Trump cared little about the illegal, let alone unfair, and much less “untrue”.

But then, did President Trump ever want to be the least president? “” I always said, it’s a lot easier than what I do to be a ‘President’…. If I want to be, then I am more President, but I have to work, ”he said. “I do not have enough time…. I can be more president than any president in my history – with the possible exception of Abraham Lincoln when he wore a hat. It was difficult to defeat him, ” Trump said Immersed in peeping peeks in their own specific way. Trump kept himself rich with taxpayer money simply because it had not crossed anyone’s mind that there could be a president as shameless and as a moral constitution to take commercial advantage of his presidency. It is possible. In short, one cannot imagine morally wanting to be President as America’s 45th President. Doesn’t that excuse have legal and constitutional protection against being such a president? No.

Since publicly disclosing the tax returns filed between 1968 and 1972 by Richard Nixon in 1974 against the accusations of tax evasion in 1973 between 1968 and 1972, Trump stopped – and only Trump – made his tax returns public for anyone to see in the interest of transparency. “People have come to know if their president is a crook or not. Well, I’m not a crook, ” Nixon said In relation to the tax scam, which is the relationship generally, but was wrongly thought of in relation to the Watergate scandal. Trump clearly did not agree with Nixon, for that Refused to disclose his tax details Citing an on-going audit despite an audit locations No such time.

Full of despair

Trump has considered himself an absolute president and unlimited president without any investigation. “When someone is president of the United States, authority is total,” Trump said with total certainty. The concept of checks and balances made no sense to him. He literally “enjoyed the President” and extended and extended it as much as possible. Trump dismissed as many as five inspector generals in the short term, compromising the crucial post-Watergate reform launched in 1978 to monitor fraud, waste and abuse at the highest levels of government.

Look: Trump says, “When someone is president of the United States, authority is total

Video exposes Trump’s presidency courtesy: The Guardian

Trump had no tolerance for any kind of checks, and the primary task of watchdog offices to keep checks was to create a ready conflict. So whenever any of the inspecting generals did anything to displace the president, it resulted in the departure of the obstinacy officer, which resulted in the removal of the largest number of inspector generals by any president. Mostly, the officials invited for the president rather than acting incompletely or unfairly.

Trump had no tolerance for any kind of checks, and the primary task of watchdog offices to keep checks was to create a ready conflict.

For example, Inspector General Michael Atkinson for the intelligence community was removed for his handling Whistleblower complaint Regarding Trump’s suspicious dealings with Ukraine, the investigation led to impeachment proceedings against Trump. Atkinson was fired Because Trump “no longer had” full confidence in him, and had the “absolute right” to remove Atkinson. This was clearly retaliation, as it were Crisi Grimm RemovalActing Inspector General for Health and Human Services, after reporting a “serious” shortage of test supplies and “widespread shortages of PPE” in hospitals dealing with coronovirus cases.

Demonstrating Trump’s willingness to lord unquestioningly like an autocratic emperor, removing barely possible excesses of the presidency under surveillance, and with barely enough evidence to replace uncomfortable officials with Trump’s loyalists For, but it also revealed a major flaw in the system of accountability. If the work of keeping the President in line is done and removed by the President, how much better can they do their work? Trump’s shamelessness of power is not the only problem; Even no one needed a solution to the problem of prisoners controlling the guards, as it were.

Attention with the Department of Justice

Trump rarely – if ever, or at least – cared about the independence, or justification, of institutions. In his mind, if he felt that no one was guilty, he or she were not; And if they felt the investigation was not needed, it was not, even if it was only because an investigation could reveal inconvenient truths about Trump. Trump did not care much about looking above the board, let alone who was hurt in plain view when he began mediating with the Department of Justice (DOJ) regarding the on-going investigation.

Trump forced Attorney General Jeff Sessions to resign when Sessions removed himself from an investigation into alleged Russian interference in the 2016 presidential elections. “Mr. President, at your request I am submitting my resignation,” He wrote In a letter to the President, knowing that he had not chosen to resign. Trump said that Trump was not happy with his happiness, as Trump himself said. Interview with the New York Times In 2017, “Sessions should never have recruited himself, and if he was going to make himself heard, I should have told me before taking the job and I would have chosen someone else.”

If Trump had nothing to hide, and an investigation into the Russia connection was nothing but the “biggest political witch hunt in history,” as he said repeatedly, how did that lead to who investigated , Or who was the Attorney General? If the president prepares to reuse himself or herself on the basis of a conflict of interest then why would the president choose “someone else” to put the investigation above the board? Would the President want his hands to be in an affected position in relation to an investigation in which the President himself is an interested party? Trump barely left any doubt that he would gladly accept all the accusations of a summary put under the carpet or rejected by a man, even if a partisan investigation explicitly omitted his credibility . What’s scary is that in his own way, he was not much into speaking legally.

Trump’s presidency has highlighted the weakness of legal scrutiny and needs to be balanced to hold the president accountable, as many of them simply have little legal strength behind them or norms of semi-autonomous institutions, and such ease with the president The trend as Trump can be ignored by the President. This might be a good time for Trump to plug the gap before throwing his weight around.

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