“Try to be creative instead of making jokes about rape” – T-Bar made Sammy Guevara’s provocative comment on Sasha Banks. sport

T-Bar offered Sammy Guevara’s inflammatory comment on Sasha Banks during a beef on Twitter. Retaliation member accused AEW star of stealing his footsteps.

T-Bar accused Sammy Guevara of stealing her finisher earlier in the night. The AEW star did not take pity on the blame and fired at the vengeance member. The WWE star has now transformed Guevara’s sordid past into the mix.

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Guevara was in the firing line outside his line He commented about Sasha Banks. An audio clip from one of his interviews resumed in 2016 last year. In the clip, he can be heard saying that he wanted to rape the current SmackDown female champion.

The clip went viral and AEW suspended the wrestler. Guevara apologized for making fun of something “that shows nothing but horror and agony.” He also apologized to the banks themselves and thanked them for helping them learn a big lesson.

T-Bar’s inflammatory comment on Sasha Guevara’s Sasha Banks

Many people have moved on, including the two people associated with the above story. T-Bar, however, decided to dig into the past to comment about Guevara as he was not being used on television.

“Somebody told me that Panda Kid had a singles match on TV last night, and I didn’t steal the steps from some backyard,” he wrote. “I thought about it in a professional wrestling ring with @ Kill4nova. Make jokes about rape, oh I don’t know, try to be creative instead She wrote.

T-Bar has since deleted its tweet. He tweeted another, claiming that it was a dumb argument.

“You know, everyone is right. This is a dumb argument and I am removing my contribution to it, “ He wrote that tweet before it was deleted.

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