Try to make delicious rasmalai at home with this easy recipe


The scorching heat of summer has nothing to do with the sweet and cold sweets that can be compared. And what could be better than garnishing creamy and delicious rasmalai soaked in saffron milk with dry fruits on top? Even fantasizing about this lip-smoothie dessert is enough to make your mouth water. But most of us think that it is difficult to prepare and put a lot of effort before enjoying a sweet dish like rasmalai.

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Although the reality is different, not all homemade desserts or sweet dish dishes are difficult to lick and they are also a much safer option than buying from outside. So here is your complete guide on how you can easily make this rich Indian sweet dish at home.

How to do rasam at home?
Start with preparing china at home, for which you need to boil 1 liter of milk in a pan and boil it on high heat.

Turn off the heat when the milk comes to a boil and add half a lemon juice or 2 teaspoons vinegar to it.

Now using a muslin cloth, pull the broken milk and tie it tightly or let it hang for 40 meters. Ensure that there is no excess water in it. Keep it aside for 15-20mins.

Now start making small doughs outside the chhena and make china balls, make sure there are no cracks on them and then cover them with a muslin cloth.

Add milk to another pan and bring it to boil, boiling it until it becomes slightly creamy and thick.

Now add saffron, chopped pistachios, cardamom powder and almonds to the milk and keep stirring.

Then add 1 cup of sugar to the milk and stir well for 5 minutes and turn off the heat.

Now take another pan to boil the water and mix 1 cup sugar in it to prepare the sugar syrup.

Now pour your china balls in this boiling syrup and cook for 15-20 minutes, turning the balls on medium to low heat.

Now turn off the heat and let it cool down, then with the help of a spoon squeeze the syrup from the syrup balls and then mix them in the prepared saffron milk.

Keep it in the fridge and serve cold

Chilled Rasmalai Recipe
It is cold and easy to make rasmalai recipe.
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total time :
50 min
preparation time :
Ten minutes
Cooking Time :
40 min
Cooking level:
Archana Kasana

1 liter milk for chenna
Half a lemon or 2 tons of vinegar
1 liter water for sugar syrup
1 cup sugar
1 liter milk for preparing saffron milk
1 cup sugar
S saffron ts
Chopped pistachios
Cardamom Powder and Almonds
Phase 1
Using lemon or vinegar, prepare the sugar by adding curd to the milk.
step 2
For rasmalai, prepare saffron milk by boiling milk and adding dry fruits and cardamom powder to it.
step 3
Prepare syrup by boiling water and adding sugar to it.

step 4
Knead balls by kneading cheese flour.
Step 5
Add the china shells in the boiling syrup.
Step 6
Squeeze the excess syrup from the balls and then dip them in saffron milk.

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