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Tv version of Yakunra mug cup moA pottery themed manga has recently announced its open audition for the selection of voice actresses. So the audition is for two high school girls. And apart from these four main actors have also announced.

New voice actresses

The selected voice actresses are Noa and Yuzum. Both of them will be members of the High School’s Pottery Club.

New entries for auditions accepted until 7Th As of October 2020 only. And for this, you only need to be from Japan. Auditions held with three judges- Kenichi Tezuka, producer; Naruhisa Arkawa, the author of the series composition and the last one Jun Kamiya are the directors.

Main cast member

  • Toko Anoki as Reena Hozumi
  • Himno Toyokawa as Minamo Tanaka
  • Nako Narus as Yuko Wakai
  • Micah Kukuri as Yu Serizawa

Plot of anime

The plot of Yakunara Mag Cup Mo revolves around the city of Tajimi. It is located in the southern part of Japan. The city of AND is very famous for its ceramic art museums and historical pottery producers. And as for that many restaurants that serve food at Minoware dishes. The story begins at Tajimi Gali for shopping for a high school girl. On the road, many people confront him, people of the city, friends, etc. Now it will be interesting to see what he is going to do in that city.

Yakunra mug cup mo

Other staff members

  • TV anime adaptation director – Jun Kamiya (previously worked in Kingdom and Hikaru No Go)
  • Series composition writer- Naruhisa Arkawa (previously worked in the island and has a problem with this art)
  • Character Designer or Chief Animation Director – Ayano Yoshioka
  • Anime Production – Nippon Animation with Cooperation – Tajimi City Touring Association and Tajimi City.

Release date Anime

The anime is set to release sometime in 2021. Till then stay on the official website for more updates.

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