UFC Fight Island 7: Calvin Kattar’s coach believes fight title implications will play with Max Holloway

UFC Fight Island 7: Calvin Kattar’s coach Tyson Chartier is confident that his coach will demonstrate his full potential against Max Holloway and pave the way for a possible title shot.

The 2021 MMA action is scheduled to take place this week with UFC Fight Island 7. Match cards matched with the event have 12 fights and Max Holloway Vs. Calvin Katar has been retained as the main event. The incident concerned new opportunities for fighters and paved the way for success for the main event hero, Kelvin Dutta.

While Limelight is on Max Holloway, as the booking is considered his step towards a return to the title scene, however, Kattar has an objective of his own and has already stated that he is not a fighter who can be ignored. In addition, the 32-year-old is aware that a win over the former featherweight champion could open the doors to a potential title shot.

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Calvin fights with dagger coach Max Holloway, titles may implicate

Highlighting the same, Calvin Kattar’s coach Tyson Chartier talked about the stakes of the match in a recent interview MMASucka.

“I don’t see how you can beat Max Holloway and not fight a title,” Chartier said. “There was a conversation about [Volkanovski vs. Holloway] Trilogy, so i can’t imagine a victory [Kattar] Maximum rematch is not found. By definition, it would be a contested battle. We have to do some serious, serious politics to defeat Max and not play the title shot. “

Knowing that the match was his trainee’s biggest challenge to date, Chartier revealed the approach with which Calvin Katar would hit the ring on 16 January.

“It’s normal, just not giving [Holloway] Capitalize on what he is capable of doing for everyone. He threatens everyone around the cage with volume, he takes people down, he wears you and just stays on your face and overwhelms you. We will not let him go to us.

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‘We have immense power gains’

Recognizing the fact that it would be a daunting task for the blessed to get better, Tyson said what an advantage Katar had over Holloway.

“He is also a fighter,” Chartier said. “If you get in his face, he’ll get in your face too. All that Max wants to do is fight in the center of the cage in a phone booth, because we have an extreme power advantage, and we fight that battle every time Will win. “

he adds, “Calvin has shown that he is one of the toughest fighting wings in the UFC. Max, he never showed that he got one-punch power; he’s like a man of one volume. In a fight-round battle. Where Power Puncture has extreme cardio and a high fight IQ, if you move that power into the fifth round, the entire fight can end at any time. [Holloway] Is actually going to draw their outline.

Tyson Chartier concludes the topic giving his final prediction of the fight

“Max is so tough that I wouldn’t be surprised if it goes five rounds, but I wouldn’t be surprised if we get a second or third round win,” Chartier said. He said, “He struggled a bit with the power of the Poirier.” I would think [Kattar’s] The power is also good as is the powerier. I would ask to finish the second or third round, but I would not be surprised if we win a decision.

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