UFC News: Khamzat Chimavah vs. Leon Edwards rebooked for March 13, 2021

Khamzat Chimav vs Leon Edwards gets a second rebook. UFC 259 is targeted to be on next week.

After failing to get the fight sheet on two occasions, UFC vs Khamzat Chimav. Leon Edwards dates a new main event.

According to reports, Dana White has confirmed that the March 13 night fight is targeted to host this much awaited welterweight fight.

The bout was previously scheduled to take place on December 19, 2020, but Kovid-19 did not miss the final 2020 schedule, forcing Leon Edwards to withdraw. However, to keep up with the hype surrounding the fight, the UFC quickly held it to headline the January 20 event card, but the pandemic returned again and this time ruled the Khamat Cheimaev.

Now, Kovid’s intimidation will no longer be a wastage in the fight again, can the alleged curse end, can a third time prove to be an attraction?

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Khamzat Chimawah vs Leon Edwards: Pre-Fight Summary

Khamzat Chimavah vs. Leon Edwards is a much awaited battle. The title of this fight has implications and will answer the most curious question, is Khamazat chimavah real?

Khamzat has had a great 2020, with Fighter making the July UFC scene in July 2020, and winning three wins to his name within 66 days. With this impressive performance in the Octagon, Chimavas also made their way into the welterweight rankings in quick time. The 28-year-old is ranked 15th in the UFC welterweight rankings.

While 2020 Khamzat was unforgettable for Chimev, it proved to be the complete opposite for Leon Edwards. Throughout the year, Rocky was again looking for an opportunity to get inside the ring, and even his name was cut from the Top-15 due to inactivity (over a year). After ending all the frustrations, when she finally made the booking with Khamzat, Pandemic played its part. Leon Edwards is still on an 8-match winning streak. And he wants to take one last push to regain this title.

Therefore, the build-up is the norm, and on 13 March, we will finally witness who will prevail in this battle between the newcomer and the old guard.

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