UFC President Dana White not sure if UFC President will fight in 2021? | sport

Dana White recently said that he is not sure that Nat Diaz will fight in 2021. Fighter has been inactive for over a year.

Nat Diaz is one of the fighters whose in-ring return is apparently scheduled to take place in 2021. However, according to UFC President Dana White, the return of Stockton Slugger is not a matter of certainty.

Recently, a ESPN sponsored Q&A session, White clearly implied that he is not trusting Nate to make his return anytime soon, though he said he would “like to see her fight.”

Nate Diaz is a UFC veteran and fan-favorite fighter. He may not have the most ideal record, but his famous in-ring feud with Connor McGregor and his promotion to become BMF has gained him an elite stature. Thus, despite being an A-lister, why is she not scheduled to see him as a future future? Also, why is Dana White unsure of his return when it has already been over 13 months since enthusiasts last saw him taking his southeast stance?

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Dana White not sure if Nat Diaz will fight in 2021?

35-year-old Nat Diaz is still at his physical peak. However, over the years, frequent injury issues and troubles with USADA have largely rendered him inactive. Fighter last stepped inside the 8-sided closing figure in 2019, against Jorge Masvidil, and has since been sidelined for unknown reasons.

While speculations surfaced in 2020 that a targeted bout with George Masvidal is working, there are no updates about the rematch, and if there were any talks regarding the fight, they are definitely phased out because the match maker Potentially inclined. Colby Covington Vs. Georg Masvidal match-up.

Recording a total of four outings over the past four years, Nat Diaz is certainly not a strong go-to fighter, and although the global epidemic did not help his case either. But, in all, his inconsistency is probably why Dana White is not sure if he will mark his return in 2021 as well.

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