Uncover the secrets of live shopping as Black Friday approaches

With the new restrictions on stores, the time for live shopping has arrived. Some French brands have been conducting more and more tests since this summer and are reporting encouraging results.

Since summer, the Asian wave of live shopping (or live streaming) has been spreading widely in the French e-commerce market. It should be said that in the context of a health crisis, this period is favorable for all kinds of innovations and tests to surprise consumers. After supporting Alibaba by Qilive, Other French brands such as Leroy Merlin or Fnac Darty have taken the game of live shopping by increasing the commercial operation of these new products. Halfway between entertainment and consumption, Jio Shopping can be compared to Telespeaking 2.0 which has many business benefits for brands and many benefits for Internet users. But this French trend, a real phenomenon in China for many years, can exist in many forms thanks to various and varied live shopping solutions.

First result

The growth of French-style live shopping is difficult to predict, but various players lack the ideas to sustain this new direction in e-commerce. like, A live shopping solution that first saw daylight during content when commercial animation could not be maintained in stores. CEO Antoine Leclercque recalls, “We have started the co-creation process with brands through workshops to examine their expectations in terms of live shopping. This has matured the project.” An initiative by Leroy Merlin Which adopted Casteguy’s services in early October after initial discussions during the summer. “At our level, our needs included integrating video into our web interface, but also providing content over the long term”, specifies Leroy Merlin’s brand coach Henry Prynne.

“We see 30% conversion for live shopping compared to 5% on a classic e-commerce site”

According to, Hady Hobeich, co-founder of DailyLive.frThe health crisis has replaced live shopping cards due to the boom in e-commerce. The solution offered by, flirts between operations, e-commerce, live shopping and for one year Social network By integrating payment within video. “We thank 30% conversion for live shopping compared to 5% on a classic e-commerce site,” comments Hadi Hoebech. Note that Internet users who see a life-philosophy are already in the advanced purchasing process.

The fact that these figures are clear and cause envy Fnac Darty, to find a live shopping solution suited to its ambitions in the preceding phase. Among other merchants specializing in the distribution of home appliances, electronics, and cultural products, the merchant first developed digital equipment such as vendor chat during imprisonment, which allowed direct contact with customers. But this was not enough. Fnac Darty launched its first live streaming with an impressive to introduce Microsoft’s new Xbox console on 2 October. 5,500 people joined during the live, and with 10,000 post-live reviews on 23 October, this first experience was a success. “We have a lot of thoughts in replays during live which show that this is a fundamental trend,” said Olivier Garcia, Product Director of Fannac Darty. The trial was repeated on 15 October with Xiaomi for the release of one of its smartphones. In the menu, a competition game to improve engagement during live, but thanks to drive codes on the web with ROist Vocation for promotional codes and only valid codes during Live. Finally, 10,000 customers logged in for at least five minutes, with a peak of 2,600 customers. Finally, from November 2 to 8, Fnac Darty is teaming up with Moulinex for a live shopping session involving the chef.


“The main advantage of live shopping is that it is intuitive to the customer. The customer directly addresses all the questions asked, this is a kind of frequently asked question”, summarizes Henry Prince on Leroy Merlin. At this point, if Live’s moment is needed to attract as many customers as possible, the post should not be neglected: “We also offer the activation of questions and answers in replay to complete the product sheet Do “, explains Antoine Lesclake for whom” replé is directly associated with conversion “. On, live commerce solutions are integrated into product sheets during the customer journey. Influential “casters” make products live during mini-workshops as tutorials for optimal interaction with consumers.

Renaud Bauer, Youtuber expert in welding and DIY, hosted the first live streaming of Leroy Merlin on 5 October. © Leroy Merlin

Of course, the hobby of live shopping for merchants is to boost sales: On the day of their live, Leroy Merlin multiplied his order by 3 for the various products presented and multiplied the traffic for related pages by 6. “Since live shopping, we sell many products twice every day. There is before and after”, Henry Prin. Thanks to live shopping and replays, customers learn more about the products, which naturally encourages them to buy. This sales technique builds customer loyalty and drives traffic to the site. But not only this. “When a customer browses an e-commerce site, he falls into the limit in his purchase because he does not know the difference between products and usually also low sales of goods. Live shopping is a solution. . Interesting in an argument of the profitability of merchant sites “, assures Fnac Darty’s director of products.

Improvement track

For Leroy Merlin, the future of live shopping will depend on more intensive communication to attract more and more customers from the beginning of Live. “This is an area for improvement that we are considering, as are the inspiring dimensions of live shopping to advise customers, explains Henry Prins, intermediary between Leroy Merlin and its brands, a notification for e.g. Can install the system. “

Communication is also based on the influencer, who gives an objective look at the product he or she displays while humanizing customer relationships. The affected person goes live upstream with their community and brings additional traffic to the merchant site. “The brand should find an influencer or an ambassador, who already has a strong community and who stick to their values,” Hadi Hoebeich said. According to the co-founder of, the success of live shopping is based on a highlight (new collections, private sales) and investment in a dedicated showroom “to make consumers dream in a specific setting”. This last point is one of Fnac Darty’s next investments, which aspires to industrialize process Go shopping and have about twenty meetings between now and the end of the year celebrations. “We want to be a live shopping expert. We’re working on a theme on multi-brand Fnac and Darty, and later on, it’s very likely that our in-store event will be aired in livestreaming. It’s up to us to We are attentive to the needs. Customers “, explains Olivier Garcia. Fnac Darty is also considering making replays available on the Youtube channels of the two brands.

Reserved for big traders only?

Shopping is not just for big traders. Forum Quidol Is preparing to launch an e-commerce module for live shopping, specifically targeting young brands. “The latter does not always have the means to invest in live shopping, so we want to offer a turnkey solution for a multi-brand mall where each can run its own chain”, describes RedPill CEO Sergey Dupuy, A new media on which quidol depends.
“On behalf of the retailer, live shopping represents a cost, but it can be monetized with a brand that has a significant marketing budget,” says Henry Prince. On 5 October, Leroy Merlin introduced products from AEG to the Subcompact range. For Fnac Darty, live shopping should be based on an economic model around regular, relevant, even intimate meetings, if they are addressed to the true goal of customers. “In terms of variable costs, all that remains is effective and media coverage with visibility campaigns,” says Olivier Garcia. As we come closer Black friday And at the end of the year celebrations, retailers and DNVB can further boost e-commerce performance by focusing on live shopping and entering a new era, without forgetting the new context of this imprisonment.

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