Unseen Journey: A Look in Arsenal Superstar Hector Belerin’s Journey to Recovery – Binged

A few hours ago, professional footballer Hector Bellerin released a documentary series called Unseen Journey, recording his entire journey to recovery from an ACL (anterior cruciform ligament) injury that he had suffered nearly two years earlier. The nine-part web series can be found on two different channels on YouTube. Find out how to see the journey unseen at the end of this article.

Hector Bellerin Is a Spanish professional footballer who plays as a right back or right wing for Premier League clubs, Arsenal and the Spanish National Team. Bellerin is well known for his speed – which allows him to advance during strikes and in defensive plays while also being extremely effective defensively, his speed allowing him to cover more ground than most players Helps in Bellerin is considered one of the fastest footballers in the world, with a current Arsenal speed record that he held at the age of 19 (back in 2014).

And at a time when he was using his full speed to get back on track while defending, when he broke his ligaments. The match was against an important rival club, Chelsea and he was injured on 19 January 2019. This serious injury ruled him out for most of the matches of the 2018-2019 season as well as the next (2019-2020) season. Too. He eventually returned for the FA Cup final, to face Chelsea on 1 August 2020, facing the same team he had injured two years earlier. He went on to win the FA Cup with Arsenal that day.

His entire journey to recovery, all the ups and downs, everything mentioned above – can be seen on an unseen journey. Most recovery documentaries do not give us a proper behind-the-scenes look at a player (during his injury) and he has to get the right mindset to work hard and return to his team. Unseen Journey will be an eye-opener for many and hopefully most sports fans (fanatics and concerned) will also have a look at the mental and physical suffering players face as they try to overcome potential career injuries.

The first eight episodes of the Sports Day series Unseen Journey can be streamed Youtube On Hector Bellerin’s channel. The final and final episode of the web series can be found on the official page of Arsenal.

Links to both channels will be given below as well as for the trailer of Bellerin’s Unseen Journey.



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