Upgrade Eyes Rapid APAC Expansion with Appointment of Former Disney Head Zubin Gandavia as CEO, Asia-Pacific – Tech

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With the appointment of Upgrade, India’s largest online higher education company, has indicated its commitment to increase its presence in Asia-Pacific Zubeen Gandavia as CEO For the region.

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Zubeen Gandevia, CEO – Asia-Pacific, Upgrad (Photo: Business Wire)

A respected entertainment industry leader, Zubin most recently served as President, Asia Pacific and Middle East, at Fox Network Group Asia (part of the Walt Disney Company). In this role, he made FOX Asia’s number one pay TV network, bringing leading media brands to consumers in over 30 countries. In a rapidly changing entertainment sector, Zubin has the potential to create consumer demand hope, champion digital innovation and build strategic partnerships, resulting in an impressive market share for Fox. He is credited with Fox’s first mover advantage in the region, and responsible for launching high-definition (HD), on-demand entertainment and direct-to-consumer Fox + apps since being superheaded by Disney +. Was.

Prior to this, Chief Operating Officer at Zubin Fox was Asia Pacific & Middle East, orchestrating his major merger with Star, and the acquisition of ESPN Star Sports. Zubin had joined Fox from Star TV Network, where he created and scaled the National Geographic Channel. Earlier, and while at university, Zubin’s natural entrepreneurial spirit led him to become one of the first cable networks in India to become Hathaway, India’s largest cable service provider.

On welcoming Zubin to his new role, Ronnie Screwvala, Co-founder and President, Aparaj, said, “Zubin brings a remarkable track record of starting and scaling successful businesses and I’m excited for the potential that we can unlock with their leadership. Having built a proven and reliable EdTech brand in India, we are now Are set to rise with plans to increase their scale. Offer to support more people in building their future careers, and Zubin is very well placed to help us achieve this. He. Brings a lifetime of business knowledge and is a proven change-maker with a passion for LifeLongLearning, which squares with the values ​​of upGrad, his background in building strategic partnerships and his keen interest in digital content delivery in our expansion into Asia Will be an important accelerator for. I want to work with them.

Zubin will lead Grad’s expansion plans across APAC, seeking to address the employment and upskilling challenges facing many economies in the region. Through partnerships with governments, universities and businesses, Upgrade will launch localized online courses to boost the career prospects of thousands as countries point to new digital and Industry 4.0 skills in response to rising unemployment.

“By 2025, the WEF predicts that approximately 85 million people will lose their TMT. Whereas in the same period, 97 million new TMT will be created, which will require very different skills. Without the ability to replenish people quickly and scale, millions will potentially be displaced from work. If we have to meet this challenge and do so, a new approach to new technology and partnership between government, industry and education will be needed to truly improve the lives of millions of people. said Jubin Gandevia, Chief Executive Officer, Upgrade – APAC.

“I am excited to be a part of this change, helping individuals and societies benefit by continuing to learn new skills in our working lives. What particularly attracted me to the upgrade was the company’s entrepreneurial approach and obsessive devotion to making the learner experience creative, connected, interactive and immersive – such as in the entertainment world, ” The couple Zubin.

Zubin Gandevia starts his new role from January 2021 and will be based out of Hong Kong.

About the upgrade

Upgrade is an international high edtech leader in collaboration with universities such as Deakin Business School (Australia), Duke CE (US), LJMU (UK), IG Madras () offering 100+ courses in data, technology, management, arts etc. is. India), etc.

upGrad is India’s # 1 startup (LinkedIn’s Top Startups 2020) and is included in the GSV Global EdTech 50 list.
More information on: https://www.upgrad.com/?utm_source=PR&utm_medium=PressRelease&utm_campaign=BPR_ALL_ALL_ALL_PR_PressRelease_ZubinCEOupGradecAC_AsiaPacific_All

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