Urvashi (Kavita Ranjini): South Indian superstar of Amazon Prime, Hotstar 2020

While the rest of the film community is suffering, most of the actors and directors are not getting projects and / or releasing flops, South Indian female actor, Urvashi has had a fantastic 2020 as far as her acting career goes. The 51-year-old veteran actor has been part of (relatively) three successful projects so far and no actor can match that number, especially this year.

Kavita Ranji, born Urvashi made her debut as a child artist in the 1977 Malayalam film, ‘Vidurna Motukal’. During more than 40 years in the acting field, this brilliant artist has acted in various films in many languages ​​including Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu and Hindi. Urvashi has been called by many critics to be one of the most naturalized actors in modern cinema and has drawn both critics and casual viewers to tears (according to several personal interviews) to see her own screen.

Even if not ignored, these three films – ‘Puttam Pudhu Kalai’, ‘Sorarai Potru’ and ‘Mukuti Amman, Which is his latest film out of 13 films released this year. Although the first film is part of a five-part anthology, it is spectacular every time it comes on screen. In both ‘Soorai Potru’ and ‘Mukuthi Amman’, she plays the role of a mother, but a large difference in character is easily noticed. She plays a dramatic role in one while a comedic role in the other; The two roles do not take anything away from each other, but rather add to the list of the actor’s already filled performances.

And it’s not just us who have paid attention to it. The craze has been going on since the release of ‘Mookutty Amman’ on Twitter Disney + Hotstar On diwali Urvashi’s praise and memes have been the name of the game on social media platforms for the past few days and we can’t help but agree. The South-Indian actor deserves worldwide recognition (not just national) and the proof of his performance in these three directs for TheMiracleTech release proves this. We hope that she will continue 40 more years in her already brilliant 40 years + career. See some of the tweets below:

‘Putham Pudhu Kalai’ and ‘Sorarai Potru’ are available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video, while ‘Mukuthi Amman’ can be seen on Disney + Hotstar.

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