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On the occasion of Election Day, former Chief Minister V.P. Joe Biden It’s time for president Donald Trump To pack her bags. The US President plays up to the gallery. He expresses no love for facts. Trump speaks his head. On his last day of campaigning again, he again launched a salvo for his critics. He warned voters that ‘cheating’ in Pennsylvania’s major state could lead to street violence. In addition, Trump recently criticized a Supreme Court ruling that would promote voter fraud. Republican loyalists soon put the claim on.

It is about to call soon to elect Trump’s major swing states. Can the table be turned on Biden?

Democratic candidate Joe Biden launched a scathing attack on Trump from the last day of his election campaign. In Ohio, he said it was time for Trump to ‘pack his bags’. He said that people are done with ‘tweet, anger, hatred, failure, irresponsibility’. Biden left no stone unturned in giving the cash for public approval.

election Day

Are some of the hollywood stars Most of Biden’s most vocal supporters In the rush of election day. Biden accompanied Lady Gaga to Pittsburgh. In Philadelphia, singer John Legend addressed voters along with Democrat vice-presidential candidate Kamala Harris. Biden is countering Trump’s euphemism with an equally emotional message. He said in Ohio on Tuesday that “the presidential race is about the soul of America.”

A large number of 100 million Americans have already been validated by casting an early vote. Several states had already surpassed their record voting numbers on Tuesday. It will be interesting to see if they are casting a ballot for this Trump’s ‘Made in America’ Or Biden’s ‘Soul of America’ message. But, before the final vote takes place and their fate is decided, Trump and Biden make emotional pitches during their final day of campaigning.

Trump’s statement about Pennsylvania threatened to flare amid tensions Fear of civil unrest. Trump will spend the night in the White House election amid tight security. Still, President Trump is intensifying his unverified claims of rigging 2020 US Presidential Election. Speaking to reporters, POTUS said that a Supreme Court ruling allowed Pennsylvania to count mail-in votes that could be defrauded at ‘very high levels’ until three days after the election and that it was’ very Was also ‘dangerous’. Later in a tweet, he said it could ‘inspire violence on the streets’. In Wisconsin, Trump went a step further, saying it could endanger our country.

Trump campaign overforms

It was perhaps his search for a good omen that President Trump ended his campaign at a late-night rally in Grand Rapids, Michigan. This is the place where he ended his campaign four years ago. He predicted a better evening on Tuesday, “We’re going to get another great win tomorrow,” Trump said in Michigan. Assuming he would win easily in Michigan, the president patted his own back for dealing with the ‘incredible’ Coronavirus Epidemic and Russia investigations. At a rally in Florida, Trump suggested he would Fire anthony fauci From his position as the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, a move that could bring a large-scale response from the scientific community. At a drive-in rally, Biden ridiculed Trump’s idea of ​​sacking Fauci. He responded, “I’ve found a better solution: Let’s fire Trump and I’ll hire Fauci.”

Went with Biden on Election Day Huge increase in national popular votes but nothing special There are swing states about any of the tightly contested states. However, it was expected from both scenarios that the swinging states lost or won that it would provide them with many chances to gain the seats needed to win 270 electoral seats. Although Trump who was least expecting Hillary Clinton Key swing states are better than expected. As voters turn to record numbers, it is often a sign of anti-incumbency, ie people want a change in leadership. However, epidemics and recent social anarchy have entangled the US, which historically combined with late-voting Republicans could make the election race easier.

Live: US Election Results Tracker

How Trump and Biden performed on Election Day. Tech | Video Credit: The Telegraph

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