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When we talk about the immortal, the first thing I think of is the vampire. Yes, they are one. From movie series to television series we get to see a lot of them, right? If you’ve seen The Vampire Diaries, you should add Wee Wars to your watch-watch list. Just start liking a series and see how everything goes down the hill. Now, are we talking about cancellation? Well, Netflix can win the World Cup in doing so. This is what is canceling one show after another this year. However, I am not blaming it for doing so because there are reasons for it. Let’s know the fate of Netflix’s Wee Wars for Season 2.

Wee Season 2: Release Date

The series hit the streamer’s screen as a Netflix original on 5 December 2019. We Wars had 10 episodes of 37 minutes for the first season. Netflix announced the cancellation in March 2020. It was small, don’t you think so too? Just ten episodes, that’s all. After looking at other such series, how are we going to be satisfied? I know, I’m dramatic. But it just wasn’t enough Ian Somerhalder And Adrian Holmes. A trivia: Ian directed one of the episodes and was an executive producer of the series.

Wee Season 2: Reason for Cancellation

As we know, the viewer and reception describe that particular series or film. Netflix is ​​one of them that pays attention to the viewership of its series. The main reason for the cancellation of V Var is the low viewership of the series. It received a rating of 5.8 out of 10 on Rotten Tomatoes. At the same time, critics described it as a possible series but a failure.

Wee Season 2: Storyline

The series was inspired by Jonathan Mabry’s comic books of the same name. We find ourselves in a post-apocalypse where a physician and his best friend are trying to find the key to survival. Vampires surround them in the form of a duel struggle to keep humans safe from being infected. Dr. Swan and Michele Fayenne are further confused when someone conspires against them and tries to destroy every single ounce of humanity. We’ve got a great cliffhanger at the end of the tenth episode. Where the doctor’s son gets kidnapped, and we still don’t find out his whereabouts. It is a pity that we do not know much of the story.

Fans did not take the news of the cancellation well and cast themselves out on various social media platforms such as Twitter. William Lauryn and Glenn Davis, V Wars’ Sharpers were also sorry to disappoint fans. On the other hand, Ian comforted the audience by saying that this would not be the end of the story via his post. Have you seen the twilight series? If you want to be part of a world conspiracy, then blood and treasure is something you are going to like. Catch a glimpse Blood and treasure season 2. I will take a holiday with the promise of coming back with some new and exciting plots for all of you.

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