Valiant Patch Notes Episode 2.00: Agent 14, a.k. Yoru joins the gang, Brimstone becomes buffalo, while Omen becomes naked

Valiant Patch Notes 2.00: With Valiant Server going down over the last few hours, it was clear that Riot Gaming was going to make some major changes with the newly updated patch. The latest valent patch is already live. In this article, you can check all the latest details, and what the changes are.

Riot Games has released the first major patch of 2021 for Velorrent, and there are some exciting changes. The list of operators in Velorrent Episode 2 will include a new character, Yoru. However, this is not all. Some preferred operators have also received some changes in them.

Some of these characters are Brimstone, who is acquiring a buffalo, the omen, which is being stripped naked, and the riot is also trying to drive away the Viper. The Valiant Patch Notes are live until 2.00 an hour ago, and you can check the entire notes by clicking on the tweet below.

Another part of this patch is that frequent and consistent head-shots are now going to be harder to make. You can check the highlights of the patch notes below.

Rating patch notes 2.00 highlights

New champion yoru

Yoru is a Japanese duelist who specializes in misinformation and deceit to gain the upper hand against opponents. Their kits have skills that are good for avoiding misleading your opponents or avoiding detection. One of his skills also allows him to teleport around the map easily.

Brimstone buff

Brimstone is the major beneficiary of this patch, and we’ll probably see him returning to a lot of games. His Stim Beacon no longer has a cast time, while the cost for Molotov is reduced. His Sky Smokes range has now improved, and enemies no longer hear any sound when he pops it.


Unfortunately, the cost of paranoia of Oman is now double. It was $ 200, and it is now $ 400. Dark cover projectiles have also slowed down.

Valid competitive update

  • New Competitive Regional Leaderboard
  • The rank system has also been updated. This includes the rank progress bar, numerical progression and other changes that make it easier to exit the lower ranks
  • New Rank Rewards for Episode 1 (based on your highest Act Rank achieved during Episode 1 Pair of Gun Guys)

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