Vandavision: Marvel’s Defining Part Takes Backseat at Disney + Show

We are just a few days away from the official phase and the beginning of Phase 4, which starts with Vandavision. Vandavision is coming to Disney + Hotstar on January 15. We are technically already in the week of release. This excitement feels real as we get closer to the show. When we say that we believe nothing has been done to help us understand and know what can actually happen on that show. nothing. Well, at least it was until a few days ago.

Now, there is something that we can look forward to as there has been an official screening of the first 3 episodes only for critics. Even they are not allowed to have full fun and we are happy either way, so why should critics always have fun? So, coming to the issue, this official screening drew a lot of critical reviews from the reviewers of the series. Critics have since revealed some very minute details through which we can at least get some idea of ​​what exactly will happen.

According to many, a large portion of what Marvel actually creates will take a backseat this time. This is the “verb”. Yes, you heard us right. WandaVision will not be big on action, rather it will be true that it is showing the world through its trailers. The show will actually have a sitcom-esque talk, with actors and comedy lines running that way. He also mentions, how Wanda Maximoff, our very beloved Scarlett Witch, will actually change through each episode.

Looks like they are making some sort of journey as far as teasers, trailers and reviews go. This time it will be different. Considering what we’ve all seen and that mind set aside, the show has clearly not disappointed the toughest crowd, basically critics. So it will be up to us to see if we are ready to witness a show where the action comes later than others.

It is also a big responsibility for Marvel as they are known for these hardcore action sequences throughout their existence. This is why fans have known so much about him and the fact that it also showcases people’s favorite superheroes. So, taking a show in a completely different trajectory and still giving enough to Phandix is ​​actually something, much harder. It is mostly as if they will come out of their comfort zone and do something other than an action for the first time.

That being said, this does not mean that the action will be completely lost. It will have its fair share and will take the driving seat whenever necessary, but for now at least it is assigned a backseat.

We have a few days in our hands, we remain positive with our hopes and we are confident that we will not slow down.

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