Vanraj Cancels The Divorce Today’s Update

Anupamaa Latest Written Episode May 3rd 2021: Vanraj Cancels The Divorce Today's Update

The latest episode of Anupama suggests Vanraj following at least one of his relationship. She says that she is quite unaware that many days she has left, but she wants to complete the part she has started before she dies. Dr Advaith there is making Kavya understand that anger isn’t good for any of the person. He says that anger is keeping burning coal in hand and wait to throw it on someone, but in that, we forget that before throwing it on someone it is burning our hand. Advaith then offers Kavya a bat and asks her to hit this hanging ball and throw out her anger.

She recalls all the bad incidents that happened with her, she reminisced when Anupama slaps her at Toshu’s wedding. She recalls when Vanraj along with Anupama went resort. Advaith says that now she retains the esteem of this bat, as this bat belongs to Mr Kohli. Kavya asks if he knows Virat. Advaith says there are many Kohli’s in this world and this bat belongs to one of my friends Satish Kohli. They both chuckles and continues to talk with each other.

Vanraj then goes to Kavya and apologises to her. Advaith comes and says that he feels elated seeing Anupama happy. Kavya again starts her argument that she doesn’t know her current place she is her girlfriend or wife. Vanraj asks her to not to start all this again. Kavya says that she is telling him the truth. Advaith tells her that there is always a right place for the truth. Advaith tells them both to go to their cottage and fight as much they want. They both apologise to Advaith, he replies that he doesn’t interrupt personnel but hence they are fighting publicly, they must go with public opinion.

Vanraj then hears Samar calling Anupama, he gets tensed and rushes in the same direction. He sees that Anupama is lying on the floor. He goes to her and asks if she is alright. Anupama replies that she is fine. Advaith also comes there and asks if Anupama is fine. Samar replies yes, Samar then says that my mother is trying to grab a mango from the tree and fall down. Catch the complete update of the episode on Star Plus today at 10 PM. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and all the latest Anupama Written Episode.

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